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Random dream

Posted by fawkes2 , 14 November 2011 · 99 views

Two nights ago l had one of those dreams, you know those types of dreams? Don't you? You know, like the one's where you are walking and all of a sudden you get the sense of falling and you jerk awake.
I really hate those dreams, l usually wake up and it takes awhile for me to fall back to sleep.
Thank goodness l do not have to wake up early for the next day, since it happened to be the weekend.

One other thing that l hate is when i'm sleeping and a loud bang wakes me up. You see, l have an aquarium light on top of my aquarium with no lid, just one of those lights that you can install on top of the tank, anyway I placed 2 cups on top of the light one night and I do not know how it happened but during the night, they fell to the floor and not into the tank and made aloud bang. I'm not claiming that it was paranormal it probably is explainable but l hate that it disturbed my sleep grrrrrrrrrrrr. If l do not get my sleep, l admit that l get cranky easily and need my coffee. lol



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