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What Are We Really Seeing?

Posted by skylight1 , in UFOs 21 September 2011 · 486 views

A few years ago I witnessed two separate flying objects in the night sky, one which I have now come to believe was just ball lightning, and another which led me to expand my interest in the unexplained or mysterious events that each of us experiences every now and then.

It was a quiet night in April 2009, and being the diligent little 7th grader that I was, I had been up doing my algebra homework for quite a while. I've always been a shy kid; I never really had much of a social life, which kept me out of trouble most of the time. After about thirty minutes of solving for X, I decided to look out of my second-story window to try and catch some late-night air traffic heading to my local international airport. Everyone who knows me acknowledges the fact that I'm a total aviation freak. I've loved it since I was a toddler, and was able to distinguish between an Airbus A320 and a 737 at the age of three. It's always been my thing.

Every once in a while I'd catch maybe a small regional jet passing overhead at a low altitude, and on rarer occasions, larger military cargo jets making freight runs. But what I saw on that night was not any of these. All of the aircraft operating into the airport usually fly due west over my neighborhood and on towards the direction of the airport, which is probably some 25-30 miles away. As I looked out the window and into the starry night skies, something very peculiar appeared on the horizon, moving eastward at a very high speed. I'm still not sure if it actually was traveling at an extremely high speed or if its extreme speed was only an illusion caused by it being closer to ground level.

The object was a very, very bright blue light. It was almost like looking directly at the filament of a light bulb. As it whizzed past my neighborhood, it made NO sound, absolutely no sound. (My window was open - I would have heard it.) I was able to see it only for about 2-3 seconds before it flew over the wooded area behind my house and disappeared. At first I had no idea what to think of it. After doing a little research, I was led to believe that what I saw was just ball lightning. Still, it was the first mysterious flying object that I had ever been witness to, and it seemed to kindle my interest for the unexplained a little more.

The next incident was much more intriguing, up-close, and eerie. I was outside in my backyard one night about seven or so months, give or take, after the ball lightning event. The air was cool, but not too cold; it was perfect weather for my usual jeans and a t-shirt. There were almost no clouds, and you could see almost every star in the sky. Honestly, I have no idea what I was doing outside at that time of night. I must have just gotten bored, or it could have been that I was mowing the lawn, but I digress. Whatever I was doing, I was lucky to be outside.

Suddenly, I noticed a small humming noise coming from somewhere. I figured that it must have been a heat pump from someone's house, but it sounded electrical. That's when I saw it. I looked up, and posing behind the trees was a big, dark, hovering triangle-shaped object that donned three lights in each corner plus one in the center. The only sound it produced was the hum. After standing in the middle of the yard, transfixed at the sight of the object, I bolted back inside, looking for my digital camera to grab an image or video of what I was seeing. By the time I went back outside, it was too late; the object had disappeared.

I now believe that what I was seeing that night was the TR-3B aurora, or some other secret government aircraft. The thought of extraterrestrial visitation is compelling, but in this case I think that it would make sense for the object to be of our planet. I discovered that other people had seen objects similar to mine, and that there was a possible link between this object and the supposed Aurora project. What really got to me were the photographs of the famous Belgian incident where a similar craft was sighted by many people; the object in the photograph and the one I saw were almost identical.

I'm open to the thought that we are frequent hosts to extraterrestrial tourists, but I remain on the skeptical that every single UFO is of alien origin, as I am sure many other people are. In the case of the blue ball of light, all I remember saying to myself was, "what the hell was that?" I had first thought of the orb to be of alien origin, that is until I did my research and came up with a more rational answer to my question-a natural yet rare electrical phenomenon.

In the case of the triangle, I can understand how many people would have defaulted to the "alien spacecraft" explanation. After all, it's dark, scary (terrifying, actually), and just not something you'd expect to see every day. But what many people don't realize is that there are better ways of making sense of the world around them than just making assumptions. You just have to be logical about it, and not cry "alien" every time you see aircraft lights, or something else that is easy to explain. I'll remind you that I'm open-minded when it comes to aliens and ETs visiting us, but really, some kid's kite with a flashlight taped to it isn't going to abduct you.

Before the B2 stealth bomber was publicly revealed, people who saw it thought it was an alien spacecraft. They were wrong. It just goes to show you, things are not always as they seem in our night skies. We shouldn't label every UFO we see as being of otherworldly origin.

After all, assuming something to be true is not a good way to draw a logical conclusion.

This is something that many people don't want to even consider is that what they seen was nothing more than a completely earthly aircraft. Naturally if one has not knowledge of military craft or even a cursory grasp of physics especially when it comes to aviation as well as human perception, anything beyond a jumbo jet is an "alien craft".

Heck many people cannot even identify a blimp in broad daylight.
Nice article by the way..I especially like the very last line..so true.
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