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Hip Hop Entry 4. realization

Posted by seller2006 , 15 November 2011 · 245 views

Hip Hop Rap Poetry Rhyming Emceeing MC Verses Song
‎Guarding against evil, feeble minded people, the sheeple
words cause a ripple through the fabric of time, rhyme
prescribe the medicine through verses , thugs stealing purses
impersonation , can you really trust any relation? be patient
my thoughts can bring down any nation, My brains are the central station,
alienation, when the one who speaks reality
gets hate for bursting the bubble of yo fake vanity
transfinite , beyond your existence, tear up the superstition
like a Christian believing the trinity isn't a part of a pagan religion
monotheistic religions no different, your still in a prison
my vision is beyond blind belief, my flows brings relief
from the pain we've been decreed

‎back in my groove, smooth flow, shows the people the reason i glow
populous on the floor , lyrics aren't repetitive, can't ever be bored
this world has become violent like a barbaric horde, **** off,
go kneel before your imperfect lord, extraterrestrial lyrics
other worldly, i live Din and spit mean,
much hate against niggas who wanna hate me
don't know your fate but are you prepared for the testing?
scaring you with apocalyptic prophecies, fake doctrines,
t.v filling us with toxins, elites are worse than blood thirsty sharks man
what do you think is wrong with our climate?
its ****ing HAARP man...
obesity killing our people
slowly turning you into Cartman

‎Spitting analogies not apologies , im ahead of your psychology ,
this democracy has turned into a plutocracy while we sitting here waiting,
listening to the hypocrisy, it perplexes me how in distress we should be
with our realities but our brainwashed existence struggles to let you be free
see like Technique said our matrix is socio economic,
socio paths with god complexes run this planet,
but no gods exist so they confuse your ****
investing on both sides, showing you a single view, the symbol is one eye
you figure them out and spit against em than its good bye and good try
but **** that I deciphered the code, that will start a revolution,
clear the confusion so you can stop the infusion,
their killing you by causing pollution,
while you listening to their bull solutions
Using the government to take away your rights, this darkness tryna take the light
i soar high and stay fly like the kites,

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