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Hip Hop Entry- Light

Posted by seller2006 , 16 November 2011 · 270 views

Hip Hop Rap Poetry Rhyming Emceeing MC Verses Song
Underestimating strength of truth
Sinned havin consumed the forbidden fruit
Scheming to rule the earth
Born from nothing more than dirt
Decieving us infront of our eyes, statments full of lies
Too much pride
Nice disguise but what you tryin to hide
What the future holds i only hope to find out
Try out and experiance the life
You dont want a fight
Through each struggle i find my self on new heights
I envision and i write it
I aint stealing no rhyhms
Exploding my lyrics through a nuclear verse
Land in your ears ready to burst
You think your a hot thing next thing you know
Your the past n relax no need to harass or else you'll be
Gassed till you understand i flow the iller rap
Flow like niagra falls,
I picked my self on to my own feet
Rappin over a few beats
Laughin over yo graves, thought you were brave
Got you pissin yo pants, and scared
I bring rap justice
I rap **** that shines illustrous

‎so tired of reading these pop lyrics saying their hip hop lyrics
disgrace the spirit and can't believe the people stand to hear it
same garbage over and over , rappers acting like scavengers,
living life by selling out their souls, now spit cold ,
a significant part of that mind control, telling you what to do
they define respect as money, ***** and a fake crew
b**** ass niggas ain't got a clue about dignity ,
telling you the real life is about polygamy, it all sounds like tricks to me
The real issues aren't ever tackled like,
why spitting reality is equated to impracticality
i got the intelligent style in me, materialism is our definition
These verses start the revolution for the cause of emancipation
from your rulers that you can't even see, invisible hand,
one eye, people that speak up against em do die, Malcolm,and
Martin did try, and so will I

i spit lyrics that go deeper than many spirits,
wisdom that takes ages to experience,
we gotta stop judging by appearance,
as if we have the authority to give the clearance,
international atrocities were blind because of ignorance
Painting a facade of bliss, i break through the barrier
my mind is my fist, i insist we spill the illest rhymes
that haven't been seen in our times, like a grimiest of all crimes
have our names inscribed in history, clear the path to the mystery
it takes time to reach these sort of epiphanies,
bold like lies told in the prophecies,

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