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Hip Hop Entry - Cleared Distortion

Posted by seller2006 , 16 November 2011 · 83 views

Mass media, engineering our opinions, causin fear and hatred in the ones that fail to understand,
separated through the deliberate mismanagment of knowledge, enlighten yourselves, go to college,
age of mass consumption, materialistic lives, too many assumptions, who are we to decide?,  
a black criminal, a muslim terrorist, a rich Jew , and on and on and on but who are you?
stereotypes put into place , escape, dont listen to this bull, stop watchin this ****,
brainwashin our entire existence,failure to recognize the truth, our ignorance, bliss?
lets kill preconceived judgments, just let them die, 3rd world poverty put into place, economically creating slaves,
trapped in a maze like lab, where the fat corporate cats are, eatin the black, white, brown and asian rats,
these rhymes are a statement, no softer than pavement

Im the Prophet of rap
Not here to make a profit of crap
Nothing new just bringing hip hop justice
Lyrics that flow nothin less than illustrous
Each word of my verse like a curse to your birth
Be cautious nothing  is ever  crystal clear
Can you stand up to the devil
Can you speak the truth
They stealing our dollars
When we making pennies
They fabricated the economy
And made us its b****es
Nothing less than snitches
Another toke and your dead
I got away And spit my stories
Even when i reach glory
I wont sell my soul
My legacy told through my sons and daughters
Becareful what you say to me
Your treading in  deep waters
Im a lunatic writer stuck in this hell forever

People should care for each other
irrespective of colour ,sex , or creed
Our blood is all the same no matter how much we bleed
We have yet to reach our potential
Storm through tear up yo life like torrential
***** im the voice for the voiceless
My lyrics leavin you speechless
**** this **** lets impeach it
Minds of the youth need to be freed
Its possible, we can its what this society needs
One last chance i hope we dont lose it to greed

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