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Hip Hop entry - Meet your Maker's Messenger

Posted by seller2006 , 28 November 2011 · 361 views

Hip Hop Rap Poetry Rhyming Emceeing MC Verses Song
My words are too deep, when spit on ciphers
niggas cant comprehend, wasting their time trying to decypher
so they pretend they understand, and continue to spit materially
endorsing the same federal banks, intelligence ignores you
cause you repping the slavery, while laughing hysterically
the rarity of true mcing is amazing, most these motha****as be embracing
disgracing the idea of hip hop, criss cross, so piss off
I dont ever wanna see you spitting pop on this block
Music thats suppose to sound catchy without lyrical depth
i respect dignity and integrity, cant attain either by selling out homey
If you got brains, spit a critical verse and show me
Ive got an open mind, trying to walk the path of enlightened, always growing

Compare me with another, do they write these genuine rhymes
do you see me gloating about the time i got from doing crimes
fine lines shine bright, at the height of my life,
i hope to keep it clean for the remainder, keep my intelligence prime
on different levels, metaphysical in other dimensions,
my conciousness is on a road to enlightenment, trying to follow the guide
starting a revolution of secularism like Mohammed, misunderstood
used to live in the hood , as i make the positive decisions,
its getting better than good, history distorting Islam to a religion
al andalus, baghdad and the house of knowledge, the inventors of college
the first universities, amazing civilizations in africa now turned into mysteries

Im here to show you the way, exploring each day,
spitting prophecies from scriptures unheard,
niggas who gives a **** about the brand of your shirt
how many peoples were hurt for it to be made,
tryna change the system, every piston , the people listening
know their goal, step outa the establishments role,
know that my hands the best, im unwilling to fold
each word is like gold, spitting ahead of my time, like im 30 yrs old
thats why im steps ahead of the game, my lyrics are clear
i don't need to explain, this is the start of my reign,

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