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Hip Hop entry- Material Life

Posted by seller2006 , 28 November 2011 · 229 views

Hip Hop Rap Poetry Rhyming Emceeing MC Verses Song
they say from chaos comes order, so there gonna blow up the borders
masons standing shoulder to shoulder, puppets giving intricate orders
the populations extorter's, main stake holders in the stock markets
the same motha ****as that make it drop on us, and buy it all from us
for pennies, the few behind the curtains drinking better than Henny ,
looking all philanthropic, while they causing the conflicts, to make some profit
there are no prophets, so don't get confused, so your excused,
its seems even from logic, like why you don't know why there are places,
like the projects, why were so obsessed with material objects,
why all the fruits isnt natural, cause actual reality
is farthest from what we experience, as long as im disagreeing
and pointing out the truth, even if i die, ill come back as evidence,
the movement to transform, raise, and perform the unbelievable
become a revolution to change humanity, peace harmony and progress,
in evolution, getting rid of the elite is the only solution
they are the pollutions that's hurting the environment and killing the population
and yet were so hesitant , why the **** do we still believe in false Presidents...

Stop trying to justify religion with tradition, like Christian politicians
this rendition is a petition, only one signature needed, dont give a ****
about who does or doesnt read it, cause i spit passionate and ill bleed it
as we feed on what we don't need, only a few heed the warnings
informing the population about the important, distortions
corrosion of our mental states, like worms in cans used for bait
Im like a unified Saracen attack, revolution when it finally hits Iraq,

You niggas spit dysfunctional , penile, lyrics sound senile
How you even be round, while I sound like this ,pre production
All your raps sound the same like I bought em on sale,
Price reduction, you niggas sound cute together,
Is he your husband, lets look at the albums youve processed
See the development, lets look at the rhymes being spit ,
For people's embetterment, uplifting the people, the problem is
The poor don't buy your albums, only middle class suburban kids
The ones who have money and ****, copying your lifestyles
Becoming selfishly grit, the ones defending,
Explaining how each one of your rhymes fit, pointless references
Plus incoherence of those lyrics, sure they sound cool
And rap about money , swimming in big pools,
Wear big jewels, all see are the tools, made to enslave you
Trying to engrave in you importance for material possessions
Funny cause they rent **** in the music video we watching
Telling you to get rich , or die trying,
Catchy punch lines to keep you buying, but enough facts
Where is the lyrical depth to get you thinking,
Sounds more like intellectual death, get your head bobbing
And your vocals singing, no more thoughts, your brain dead
The sound you hear is ringing .

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