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Unrefined Hip Hop 11- Impeccable

Posted by seller2006 , 13 December 2011 · 560 views

There's nothin worth watchin, its all garbage Brain washed existence,
The start of the resistance they say its a coincidence, but I beg to differ
Like domestic abuse but he denies he hit her
I will forever refuse a deal with the devil
Each time I rap I reach another level modern day Che, rebel
Cause when i start it, you can stop me, Retribution, should i decide your faith
Youve already picked your destinty, all of you is a part of me
The start of me, inspiration from discrimination No hesitation, blowup like hyper inflation
Its my choice to destroy your nation Im patient, the **** thats washed in the basin
Rocks one hit your tripping feelin the cripplin
Your stupidity, a part of your genetics, your history
Who knew what you could do With pen and paper plus a solid crew

I'm the spirit that embodies my words Some of them are a curse, people rounded out in herds
A diaspora created by the highest order, "the sky is over"
I'm finite like everyone else but what separates us Is my view that I defend,
and ill rip your hearts out If you screw with me more my crew,
forever scar you You'll scream out loud, but that's only a warning
I don't mess around, that's the reason I'm crowned
Reaching my peak at all times but your second inline
That's what I define as my destiny, no body can touch me
Alway the best thing, I rock no bling
I spit a sting in each syllable, is evidence that your killable

Endless rhymes coming to mind, im trying to stay prime
not gonna be left behind, while trying to find, the meaning to my life
some of it was trife but always stayed outa the hype,
now that ive gained my stripes, now all the fakers crying yikes
but when i spit i hit sharp like spikes, chances of survival are lower than dice
so is it worth the price, when you know you gonna lose to fight
cause im at pinnacle, top of my height, it will stay if i keep right

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