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Unrefined Hip hop 12. Philosophical Radiation

Posted by seller2006 , 24 December 2011 · 325 views

Hip hop lyrics poetry emcee rap street poetry
I illustrate the talent without the use of profanity
, your philosophy is stranded,
can't think stop thinking about the money you got handed
the moment you got branded, and they created your fan base
music full of bad taste, to manipulate the brainwaves
trying to test fate, can't stop the truth from getting out at this rate
the shackles are the gimmicks, so learn to set the limit
you permit what you do, not what they allow you to do
so i write the clues for those who wanna put em to use

m the shock that takes out the block,
a realization that reality's not, as hot as it seems in talk
perception out of denial of truth is proof
that we've been taking outa of power, by a covert force like in a coup
in this system theres only one loop of power, hide like a coward
the money is rule and law, who ever has the most can manipulate
humanity, like shell corporation over taking Nigerians
while we sitting back with a capitalist mentality,
regardless of the out come of our elections
they are all puppets, seems like theres no interrupting
everything is corrupted, **** that blow up their buildings
these motha ****as are the ones killing the children,

yo im trying to spit the realist, and hope you feel it
i hope to kill it, and this dopes the illest
im illmatic chronic habit i spit rhymes like im stillmatic
the albums the baddest so give em the credit,
no matter how much the player haters yell it
im as FED as the elitists, my philosophy shows the design
finely intricate distant but close realistic ballistic blows up than hits it
the heart f the shadow government, im a hunter front runner, gunner
shun them, re run this rack and debunck them, the truth is the proof
shoot, its the swish, went through the hoops
like Jabbar, harder than Carter, sharper than Harper, not a nerd, not a larper
carpenter, harbinger of the truth, compartmental till i achieve the fruit

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