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Unrefined Hip Hop #13 Psychopathy

Posted by seller2006 , 27 January 2012 · 417 views

Hiphop lyrics poem poetry street emcee rap
Adeal here always spitting for real, expressing my self through lyrics
So yall can feel what I feel, my depth is out this world, extraterrestrial
Spitting knowledge, shocking conducting voltage, amazing how my story is unfolding
Exposing the game for what it is, nothing more than business
So instead spitting passionately, they discussing about profit, quarterly
So my honor be to stop this robbery, stealing the talent
Corrupting the youth through bribery, my words bring justice indefinitely
I spit about respectability, but all these fakes have the same predictability
But they ain't getting nothing from me but hostility,
Feeling enlightenment in my proximity,

Stop trying to justify religion with tradition, like Christian politicians
this rendition is a petition, only one signature needed, dont give a ****
about who does or doesnt read it, cause i spit passionate and ill bleed it
as we feed on what we don't need, only a few heed the warnings
informing the population about the important, distortions
corrosion of our mental states, like worms in cans used for bait
Im like a unified Saracen attack, revolution when it finally hits Iraq,

im impossible to defeat so y'all should probably retreat
you say you spit hip hop, sounds like nothing but excrete
i bring heat that's concrete to greet your needs, **** the elites
locate all of em and then press delete, we got the power to impeach
I speak like a presidential speech, influence that's within all our reach
i see through this facade, tear down the matrix, life full of gimmicks
our people are dying, fathers being killed
while the kids are sitting there crying , while the t.v s keep lying
about whos in control and who creates the violence,
Palestinian kids throwing rocks at tanks, ALL of the conflicts
are funded by banks, if you are subservient you increase in ranks
while the occupation expands, my aim lands in the right spot
created a spark from which the fire started, are we really this cold hearted?

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