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Poetic Justice

Posted by seller2006 , 09 April 2012 · 325 views

i see what makes me speechless, it makes me speak this
and repeat it, but the false endearment has left me
broken, that of the memories, just tokens, sorrows
i see the glimmer of hope, i try to follow, walkin in the shadows
all i feel is feelin hollow, like usin an Ak without the ammo
but violence isn't my power, i make all the false prophets cower
in fear of what they hear its Adeal thats spittin this steel
standin in sheer astoundment, at the revolution im bringin around man

poetry is in every part of me, my words are a delicacy
perplexin thee in believin me, but the dichotomy is unexpectedly
deeper than your complexity, inception of the deepest level
can't you tell that im a rebel, in my depth i revel
walkin around listenin, but understand none can understand me
intellectual capacity is comparable to unfathomably understanding the
universe to words thoughts i give birth, the secrets i unearth
to the compositions i rehearse can't you feel i will live till my hearse
can't feel my shirt, than **** you, i instruct you

they say look at em, bringin heat, he spittin hot like dragons
while most these rappers livin like drag queens , now imagine
a canvas, my words paint the picture, its happening, no distractions
a lyrical abstractionist, my vocabulary , wider than the spectrum of colours
writing wonders that make you wonder, breakin the barrier asunder
explodin sound like thunder , livin vivid flowin like liquids
understanding the world while most livin fantasy playin quidditch
this is my exhibit,

I write a message that spans centuries relentlessly
expressing these realities, to expose the hidden dichotomies
i see my goal and aint no body stopping me, as i walk
pushing the dark energy a side, i see the world
I ask, what does it comprise, of , people buyin stuff
gluttony, while the poor starving, aint that enough
as i spit, no one can interrupt, frozen solid surreal
Adeal extraterrestrial

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