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Truth Is Knowledge


Unrefined Hip hop 12. Philosophical Radiation

Posted by seller2006 , 24 December 2011 · 369 views
Hip hop, lyrics, poetry, emcee and 2 more...
I illustrate the talent without the use of profanity
, your philosophy is stranded,
can't think stop thinking about the money you got handed
the moment you got branded, and they created your fan base
music full of bad taste, to manipulate the brainwaves
trying to test fate, can't stop the truth from getting out at this rate
the shackles are the...


Unrefined Hip Hop 11- Impeccable

Posted by seller2006 , 13 December 2011 · 582 views

There's nothin worth watchin, its all garbage Brain washed existence,
The start of the resistance they say its a coincidence, but I beg to differ
Like domestic abuse but he denies he hit her
I will forever refuse a deal with the devil
Each time I rap I reach another level modern day Che, rebel
Cause when i start it, you can stop me, Retribution,...


Hip Hop entry- Material Life

Posted by seller2006 , 28 November 2011 · 320 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
they say from chaos comes order, so there gonna blow up the borders
masons standing shoulder to shoulder, puppets giving intricate orders
the populations extorter's, main stake holders in the stock markets
the same motha ****as that make it drop on us, and buy it all from us
for pennies, the few behind the curtains drinking better than Henny...


Hip Hop entry - Meet your Maker's Messenger

Posted by seller2006 , 28 November 2011 · 361 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
My words are too deep, when spit on ciphers
niggas cant comprehend, wasting their time trying to decypher
so they pretend they understand, and continue to spit materially
endorsing the same federal banks, intelligence ignores you
cause you repping the slavery, while laughing hysterically
the rarity of true mcing is amazing, most these motha****as be...


Hip Hop Entry- A Good Deal

Posted by seller2006 , 28 November 2011 · 270 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
im not another hypocritical Mc, more like a young prodigy
all i see is hostility, fake rappers spiting fake lines
hip hop has hit a decline, buying these albums is wasting money
Like betting on pro line, the shows mine, blinding light
illustrious shine, like nas said, "mind wine"
the media literally brainwashing you for monetary...


Hip Hop Entry - Open Agena

Posted by seller2006 , 28 November 2011 · 270 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
i witness my life move through new experiences
meeting many people, many different appearances
every moment flashing by, then i realize im laying in my death bed
my heads on a pillow but my mind doesn't rest, i reassure myself,
"i tried my best", trying to top the test, wasted my life trying to impress
but now i can't stress enough, live...


Hip Hop Entry - Cleared Distortion

Posted by seller2006 , 16 November 2011 · 100 views

Mass media, engineering our opinions, causin fear and hatred in the ones that fail to understand,
separated through the deliberate mismanagment of knowledge, enlighten yourselves, go to college,
age of mass consumption, materialistic lives, too many assumptions, who are we to decide?,
a black criminal, a muslim terrorist, a rich Jew , and on and on and...


Hip Hop Entry- Light

Posted by seller2006 , 16 November 2011 · 271 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
Underestimating strength of truth
Sinned havin consumed the forbidden fruit
Scheming to rule the earth
Born from nothing more than dirt
Decieving us infront of our eyes, statments full of lies
Too much pride
Nice disguise but what you tryin to hide
What the future holds i only hope to find out
Try out and experiance the life
You dont want a...


Hip Hop Entry 4. realization

Posted by seller2006 , 15 November 2011 · 271 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
‎Guarding against evil, feeble minded people, the sheeple
words cause a ripple through the fabric of time, rhyme
prescribe the medicine through verses , thugs stealing purses
impersonation , can you really trust any relation? be patient
my thoughts can bring down any nation, My brains are the central station,
alienation, when the one who speaks...


Hip Hop entry #3

Posted by seller2006 , 10 November 2011 · 261 views
Hip Hop, Rap, Poetry, Rhyming and 4 more...
Feel how every breath seems like the last, confused over your past
relax it has to happen, the last step of your evolutionary process
we started off primitive, lack the rationality,
increased in rank to modern day humanity, though many are blind
there are the few to remind, beware of the hidden kind, pinnacle of evil
society corrupted to make us all...

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