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Hip Hop entry #2 Revolutionizing Lyricism

Posted by seller2006 , 17 October 2011 · 362 views
hip hop, rap, poetry, rhyming
‎my creative thoughts blow up like atomic bombs
explosive hot , lyrics are precious likes diamonds made under pressure
put you in a catatonic state , seal your fate
as i elaborate , exposin your game and provin your lame
shame that you can't compete on my lyrical stage, ever
my psychophysical verses will cage your every endeavour
i speak on...


The Fly.

Posted by seller2006 , 26 September 2011 · 342 views
Poem, Spoken Word, Rap, Hip Hop and 1 more...
This is a spoken word rap i did for class. Im not a rapper but i write lyrics. The rap is about a old man who lost his son and his encounter with a fly. The Rap is based off of the short story by Katherine Mansfield . I hopee you enjoy it.
Death Fly

My son is dead, he got shot with lead
A lil more than a decade ago, its hard to let go
So I...

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