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"Sun. October 20/20 :13..."

Posted by LimeGelatin , 21 October 2013 · 387 views

I visited "GOD'S HOUSE" yesterday...

That is the local church here in my hometown that I often frequent. While I was there I took part in communion; cause, I am currently, and have been for some time, ashamed of assisting (bi-proxy) in the murder of GOD'S children...

But, I can no longer take solace in my previous desires to eat of GOD'S flesh.

I only took part in a re-enactment yesterday because I wanted to fit in with the crowd, but I ached deep within my soul even as I was doing it...

I might be having more kids soon, and I am debating if the morals instilled by the doctrine of the church ought weigh the complete and blatant disrespect for other religions that they will also be instilling in my children!

I beg the Father of GOD'S to bless my countenance...

You know that I ate of another Son...

I did so hoping to protect future ones.

Oct 23 2013 02:26 PM
That is.. strange... What religion was it? I've never heard of anything like it before...

(I like to learn about new stuff, and this post fascinated me)
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