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Posted by Xanthurion2 , 16 June 2012 · 719 views

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I have had it with this job searching bull**** so I have decided to go to job corps. In a nutshell, Job Corps is a vocational school that helps you get training for a job and also getting the job itself. they will also help me get my drivers license. The bad part is, I can't bring expensive electronic equipment, so I hope that doesn't include my PSP or mp3 player. Another thing is, the centers where I live do not offer anything I am interested in, but there is one in Texas that offers security training which would be police work, which I have an interest in. So I might go to that one.

If this doesn't work out I guess, it's off to the National Guard for me.  :hmm:

The job corps sounds like an interesting option.  You seem the type to have thoroughly researched it so I wish you best of luck!  Not sure what part of the country you're from but I'd have a look at the weather in Texas in summertime ;)  
Really though....best luck!
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I live in Texas and the summers here are nothing short of brutal.  But job corps is a great idea and we do have some of the strongest cities economy wise right now so its a good place to be if you are looking for any type of work.  I work in construction, not great but it pays the bills and is actually an okay sector to be in right now - have you considered maybe trade school - I know one of the growing fields out there as odd as it sounds is masonry assistants.  Also the oil companies here are hiring like crazy - horrible hours but really great pay - esp if you're young and single.
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Jun 16 2012 06:19 PM
Sounds like a great idea. I hope it's a success for you.
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Jun 17 2012 04:11 AM
thanks for the advice. much appreciated
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