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Muck my Fisfortune

Posted by Xanthurion2 , 09 June 2013 · 557 views

my luck life
The past few days have been very strange for me. I had to stay with my aunt who lives in a big city located in a far-off distant land (50 miles (80 km) away) in order to go to a mysterious appointment at UAMS. If you don't know what that is and actually want to know, google or bing or yahoo it. Anyway, I get to my appointment and I pay 50 dollars just to have the doctor tell me what I already freaking know and prescribe me a medicine that costs another 45 dollars. A medicine I won't be needing anytime soon, because we had to reschedule the appointment. Because we found out, the surgery I need is going to require an upfront payment of 1000 smackeroos before they can do anything. Unfortunately no one close to me is filthy rich and willing to part with that kind of money for someone like me since it isn't a life-threatening condition. Instead, my aunt now has to drive me the 50 miles back only to come pick me up a week or two later to try this again. To add to the strangeness of my situation, my aunt's household runs a lot differently than the one I am used to. Her family is a lot more polite and clean, almost what I would consider fancy, than the family I live in. So I literally have no idea what to do in the most trivial situations. Like using coasters, how much to eat, how much bandwidth I can use without slowing everything else down. Speaking of bandwidth, their internet connection is blazingly fast compared to my usual one. It's like comparing Flash with...I don't know, someone that runs really slow. Anyway, I am enjoying that. But even with the good stuff, I still want to go back because it's all so foreign to me. I just want the comfort of the place in which I currently live in. By the way, you may have noticed, I never use the word "home" to refer to the place in which I currently live. That is because I do not consider it "home." I believe home is the place where the people you love the most are. Right now, for me, it is a tiny place in the middle of nowhere where my mother, little brother and stepfather live. But later in life when I get married and have children, wherever they are will be my home. The place in which I currently live is just a gas station on my road of destiny. Anyway, maybe one day, my life will be able to resume normally but as for now, it has been postponed yet again.

PS: the title is not a misspelling, I simply switched a couple of letters around. The capital ones.

Jun 09 2013 03:36 PM
If I were rich...
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