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Posted by Xanthurion2 , 17 August 2013 · 461 views

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I did one of these things so I figured, what the hey? Y'know? Anyway, I'll get right down to brass tacks. A lot of things have been happening recently. Some are things that you will not be privy to as they are private family matters. Said family may not find it appropriate to discuss their maladies to random internet strangers. I'll give you the basics though.

Number one: We lost a family member. He was just my cousin-in-law but he was nice enough to let me live in his house for free for years. He was a good man. This was a few weeks ago but I still find it hard to believe that at any moment he won't walk through the front door.

Numero dos: My family is currently having a dispute over something ridiculous (isn't it always ridiculous?) I am unable to pick a side due to the close relationships I have with these family members so I don't know how to help without p***ing one or both of them off.

Nombre C: It has come to my attention that I do not devote near enough time in my days to writing. As an aspiring author I should be practicing my craft regularly but I have been just going with the flow, so to speak. Writing when the mood and the timing are just right. And while that may not be a bad thing to some, I would like to make a career out of this writing thing. To do that, I feel more time must be devoted. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure there are deadlines and while the publishers may work around the writers writing schedule, I don't think mine would be accepted. At the rate I'm going it will take me years before I ever finish one story. So I'm trying to fix that.

That's what my life has been like for the past few weeks. Also I've been playing a lot of Pokemon recently. Just beat the Elite four and N on White. Anyway, you're probably not interested in that. I've also been watching Doctor Who. I've got to say, it is a brilliant show. Just fantastic. Well written, good actors, compelling stories, even comedy! It's great. If you are reading this and you haven't watched any of it, go do so as soon as humanly possible. If you're not a human, do it as soon as <insert species here>-ly possible.

I guess that's about it. Oh! Almost forgot. I started writing another story so expect that soon. It's neat. About a average guy who goes to prison and then finds himself in an alternate dimension or universe or something. The details are still being worked out. Suggestions for the alternate world thingy would be appreciated. Preferably something that hasn't been done before. Or something that has but in a different way.

Also, I'm going to possibly write a blog every day that I don't write some of my stories so now you'll know when I'm writing constructively and when I'm not so if you feel I'm not writing enough of the stories, by all means, tell me and perhaps I will listen to you.

Now, I think I am done. . . Yep. Done.

Aug 19 2013 08:45 PM
Thanks for reminding me about alternate universes. It came in handy. If I ever think of something unusual on the subject I'll let you know, although you probably have better ideas than I have.

I hope you write some more, but your non-writing blogs are interesting, too. See ya later.
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Thanks for sharing,Very informative article.Really looking forward to read more.
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