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Ode to Joy

Posted by coldethyl , 18 September 2007 · 84 views

Hey I'm bloggin' early.

Traffic was horrible yesterday and today.  Yesterday there was a wreck and it was really backed up.  When I finally reached where the blue lights were I expected the interstate to be down to one lane or something, but no, traffic was at a stand-still just because of rubber necking.  Every thing was at the median and both lanes were open, everyone was just gawking.  I was screaming so loud at Arkansans in my van I could have busted an eardrum.

Today I don't know what the problem was.  Just a lot of traffic.  No one here knows how to effing drive, I guess.  Everyday I see a new and improved moron on the road.  Just the other day I was on the interstate and a car one or two lengths in front of me suddenly had it's hood fly up on it.  Of course it drove a quarter of a mile before it pulled over.  Maybe it was Clark Kent driving it and he could see through the hood, I don't know maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusions.

My entire family has a cold.  I think hubby's is the worst because he's up most the night coughing.  I don't feel like I have a cold, but I'm not feeling great.  I don't usually get the flu or colds so I'm wary.  I'm not hungry and I just feel run down.  For me to not be hungry is a major thing.  Usually I can eat for my country.  

Work was super busy yesterday after lunch.  Worst part was no one would answer their damn phones.  That irks me.  They take a 'break' at 10am and at 3pm that can last up to an hour and a half.  I'm not kidding.  If the boss is back there and it's a Friday, it's been known to go that long.  They play cards for money.  I can page them until I'm blue in face and it won't matter, they ignore the pages.  The owner knows it goes on, but he has no idea how long it lasts sometimes.  Normally it last 1/2 an hour but yesterday was one of those hour and a half days.

Okay enough griping about stupid old work.  Did you ever lose something you never really had?  Like I've been looking for this book for 4 days only to realize that it's a book that I don't own.  Ever do that?  Just say yes and make me feel a bit less nuts.


That car with the hood flying up...thats scary crazy.  Traffic around my work is BAD, thats only because of construction thats been going on for two years now. disgust.gif
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Ethyl, you crack me up. I almost thought I was gonna read something positive in this blog entry by the title of it. Like jackass next to you came down with a sudden case on termination. But no avail... you still have sucha  bright and optimistic outlook to your situation. No matter how improved the morons get.

Can't say I'd ever looked for a lost book. But I am still looking for that lost life that apparently was never mine to begin with either!

Sorry you guys are feelin sick. Hopefully it won't catch ya and put you down for too long. Hard to avoid when your sleeping with it though.

ohhhh <siiighhh>... a good tuesday tooya none-the-less

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Ah well.  I am trying to be positive, but not much is coming out of positivity.  

I don't feel pissed or anything, I just haven't had any good things happen yet.

All those cute little frogs I posted about a week or so back have pooped all over my house and there's a huge spider over my back door.  The frogs are still there too.  

Hey I just got a call from a guy named Jim from Jones Glass.  I'd go by James if I worked at Jones Glass.  Kool aid references wouldn't make me laugh either.

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Sep 18 2007 03:58 PM
Spiders and frog poop? Jim from Jones Glass? This sounds like a comedy. Giggle, damn you!
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Jim Jones has left the building...
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Shoulda asked 'em if he tells people to buy his glass cause it's god's will.

Hope the family feels better soon.
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Hope you're all feeling better soon!!   original.gif
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