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Posted by coldethyl , 05 October 2007 · 80 views

Well they went and fired the one guy that didn't ever get on my nerves and for the past 2 Fridays brought everyone in fried pies.  Why?  Because he didn't go in the back at break times and play cards with them for half an hour at a time.  He wasn't a 'good ol' boy'.  That's the only reason I can figure.  Dammit.  I really liked this guy too.  He was here early every day, never called in sick, and never said 'that's not my job'.  There's this one chick that is in the same department that he was in and she's been here longer than I have and she STILL claims ignorance at a lot of stuff.  She won't even answer the phones.  

Anyway I just needed to vent about that because I really thought it was unfair.  There's no new information about my mom.  

I had tuna for lunch and it's almost Halloween:


I had leftover homemade lasagna from last night...you want some?    original.gif
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that sucks, they always get rid of the wrong guy.

I'm still having fits everytime I come in here

*falls over*
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Oct 05 2007 06:31 PM
Yes, because people hate competence.

YOu want a cupcake?
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That really sucks.. that good ol' boy network drives me nuts..  disgust.gif



I feel a siezure coming on  wacko.gif
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that happened to me once, about 10yrs ago.  I couldn't even file a law suit, in IL they can fire you because they dont like your shoes that day.  That Sucks.  Is your owner involved with this?
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Look, I like the blinking things!   disgust.gif

The owner lets the VP do what ever he wants.  He doesn't really get involved.  

Thanks for the lasagna and cupcakes!
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They never fire anybody around here, they just transfer your a** to Ford, which is apparently worse than being fired.
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Oct 06 2007 12:19 AM
That's ridiculous...

I had peanut butter and jelly today. I'm cool and bring my own lunch to school. No eating seagulls for me!
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Leaves a hug and warm smiles.  Work sucx no matter what.  I wish for us that we should all win the lotto so we don't need to work and put up with stuff like this.
Too many good people get the short end of the sticks.
Hang in there.
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The Skeptic Eric Raven
Oct 07 2007 10:23 PM
Gotta love tuna. original.gif  original.gif
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