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Posted by coldethyl , 10 May 2012 · 471 views

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Today So I am getting a job finally.  I had to go for my drug test today and first I got lost down town.  This is not unusual.  The map I was given was crap and mapquest sucks ba11s.  I finally found the place and then froze to death while I waited for my turn.  I was so bored.  Usually I'd text my bf but I was kinda pissed at him so I just used my Droid4 and read my Kindle.

I am reading a great book called Run that I highly recommend.

Anyway, went back to pee and I really, really had to go by this time, and they tell you not to flush.  Of course out of habit I flushed.  They were cool about it though because I came straight out of the toilet and didn't linger after the flush.  I told them they could strip search me.  They said that usually they would have to make me do it again but they wouldn't.  Cool by me because I would have had to chug a gallon of coffee of something to go again.

So get home, the bf gets off work early and comes home and is in a mood.  Has been for 2 days.  Went to lay down about 6:30pm.  I went to see if he was just reading or something and maybe we could do a crosswords or something but he was out cold.  blah.

On a lighter note, have you seen the Droid4?  It has a slide out keyboard as well as being a touch screen.  When I upgraded I wasn't used to a touch screen so the keyboard was great for me and the fact all my Kindle books transferred over was awesome.

Okay I'm boring and babbling now.  I need a lovely bunch of coconuts.

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Yes you are babling, but it was distractingly good.
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I tend to babble when I'm not ranting. lol
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