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A Question Somewhere in the Ramblings

Posted by coldethyl , 21 March 2006 · 69 views

I found out this week-end that hubby's going to the desert for the summer. I am a bit bummed but my son did point out that it could be worse and he could be going for longer, so at least there's that.
The computers were down all day at work yesterday so I had to walk around answering an ancient mobile phone. I played solitare until my eyes bled. ...


Saint Patrick's Day Heck

Posted by coldethyl , 17 March 2006 · 57 views

For some reason I feel hideous today. Work is normal, etc, etc, etc, but I just am so down. Oh well, I'll probably be bouncing off the walls tomorrow. Everyone here is obsessing over frigging basketball and I swear I'm gonna hurl if they don't shut-up. They've all made bets. I need a shot of poison.


Getting Fired

Posted by coldethyl , 15 March 2006 · 53 views

No, not me.
There's this chick at work and she didn't show up yesterday. After lunchtime there's this message on the answering machine (we turn on an ans machine at lunch) from her room mate saying that she found our co-worker sick on the bathroom floor and that's why she wasn't at work and hadn't called. Today she doesn't call...


what to do?

Posted by coldethyl , 14 March 2006 · 56 views

What do you do if you know you are heading down a downward spiral? I don't have any friends here and no one to talk to. I'm not depressed or suicidal--just the opposite. My behavior gets a bit irrational when I'm like this.
Nevermind. I'm not really making much sense.


my special 'sign'

Posted by coldethyl , 18 January 2006 · 35 views

so it turns out that the wife of the owner of my work is the one who makes all the signs. so she comes up to me today and lets me know that she fixed my sign to read the correct name but now my name is the only one in the parking lot that is blue....and i thought i would be able to hide from stalkers....


the idiot woman

Posted by coldethyl , 17 January 2006 · 40 views

okay. i've had my new van for about 6 months. this state i live in has been in a draught. it rained yesterday on the way home from work, and i mean it rained hard. so i turned on my wipers and they have some kind of sensor in them that makes them slow down when the rain lightens. this is a new discovery for me. if you saw a confused looking woman...


work is weird when you're a dame

Posted by coldethyl , 16 January 2006 · 36 views

lemme just say i really like my new job as a receptionist for a building supply company but it has it's strange moments....
i am one of 6 women that work here. two older grandmother types and 2 younger grandmothers and a girl who is probably just recently hit drinking age (21 in usa). normally working amidst a large number of men would be a great...


something wicked this way comes

Posted by coldethyl , 13 January 2006 · 25 views

well i've had my new job for 2 weeks now and i love it!!! it is the total opposite of the job i had before. i spend a lot of time surfing the internet because i am a receptionist now and surfing the internet is just part of multi-tasking while i'm answering phones. most relaxing job i've ever had! oh, and informative,...


scrub that thing clean

Posted by coldethyl , 26 November 2005 · 51 views

where have i been?
i quit my job and i've been looking for another one but no luck so far. thanksgiving was lovely. i'm listening to alice cooper's radio show and i'm getting toasted pleasantly. anyone notice i've not been here? s'okay, i didn't notice either! lol!
anyone ever seen donnie darko? that was one...


i love the dead

Posted by coldethyl , 26 October 2005 · 53 views

so i've been at work a week and it's going really well. we're working and training at the same time and it's pretty interesting. i finally put pictures up at my desk today and then they chose me to monitor a different computer because the system kept crashing so i had to sit at the 'test' pc. some of the pics i put up can be...


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