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first day

Posted by coldethyl , 18 October 2005 · 64 views

well today went well at my first day training on the job. there was a few idiots in there, but hopefully they won't be there long...i think i'll really like the job. seems challenging and i get to make decisions w/o ppl hoovering over me. i like that being independant thing. i'll learn more tomorrow. so far so good though!!!!!!!


zorro: the gay blade

Posted by coldethyl , 16 October 2005 · 49 views

if you have never seen this movie starring (a very young and handsome) george hamilton then you must see it! i've seen this movie over 100 times and myself and my family quote it all the time. it's hilarious! george hamilton plays zorro and when he breaks his foot his...


doctor hell again

Posted by coldethyl , 13 October 2005 · 64 views

i had to go to my pdoc again today. my appointment was at 2:15. at 2:36 the doc took a drug rep back........then there was another patient before me who must have had a 2pm appointment. i didn't gripe this time i just took it in stride and ask him to put me on different meds. he actually smiled at me a bit so maybe he doesn't totally hate...



Posted by coldethyl , 11 October 2005 · 69 views

my parents came over this week-end and we went to the air show. we all got sunburnt big time on our faces. i'm so red it's unreal and i start my new job next week! that's my luck....


penthouse centerfold

Posted by coldethyl , 07 October 2005 · 156 views

every time my dog falls asleep he looks like one. on his back, legs askew, and leering....


who are those people?

Posted by coldethyl , 05 October 2005 · 71 views

you know those ppl at the mall that always want to come up and accost you?? they open their mouths and i start saying 'no, thanks'...i want them to stay away from me! i HAD to go to the mall today, so hubby dutifully takes me and of course THOSE ppl are hanging out in front of the record store just waiting to 'talk' to me. ick, get...


"hey jim, whoa!"

Posted by coldethyl , 04 October 2005 · 103 views

my favorite quote from 'superman' the movie starring christopher reeve. i say it all the time and my kids look blankly at me. i think that i need to go and rent this movie and have the kids watch it. i really get sad when i think of all the great movies out there that i quote all the time and my kids have no clue as to what i'm talking about....


everybody's trying to be my baby

Posted by coldethyl , 03 October 2005 · 66 views

so i get this phone call today from a staffing agency that got my resume off of monster.com wanting me to come in and fill out some paperwork so they can put me to work....since when do staffing agencies call ppl?? i told them i already had a job offer and let them go. isn't it funny that when you're not looking all these opportunities come your...


stop touching me!

Posted by coldethyl , 01 October 2005 · 56 views

how come every time i try to read every single person on the planet wants to have a conversation with me or ask me questions?? i tried so hard to read while hubby was watching hockey and i was doing that reading the same sentence over and over thing...that drives me crazy! now as i'm sitting here just typing this short little blog i've been...


life in flowers so far

Posted by coldethyl , 28 September 2005 · 67 views

my new job called me today to come in and fill in more paperwork and to give me exact start times and dates. they also told me i got the shift i wanted--the coveted 8-4:30! again i am so happy!
went to the store to pick up a few things and ended up leaving the bread there! i hate it when i do that, but because of the new job i...


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