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George Washington Carver

Posted by rashore , 20 December 2011 · 266 views

hero and genius
I cannot speak enough of my admiration of Mr. Carver.

He was born with nothing, and gave us so much we ignore. He developed hundreds of products based off agricultural products of cotton, peanuts, sweet potato, hemp, soy, and pecans.

Here's just a couple links about him...




This man saw the needs of the poor, of the underutilized agriculture, and spent his life inventing products that could make our lives better. He saw how to make things out of easily grown plants instead of raping the earth for limited resources. Hundreds of products, yet how much are any of them utilized? Very few.

This man in my opinion was a hero of the earth and humanity, a genius. We don't see people like him anymore sadly enough, and I think his song is often unsung. A lot of people that know of him at all just think of him as the peanut guy, but he was so much more than that.

I encourage everyone to learn more about this man. I would even say that more people should emulate him- when they find themselves with nothing, look to him as inspiration that greatness can come from nothing. When people find themselves thinking they made something great, look to him and know there are always more resources in yourself to make something more. When you feel unappreciated, look to this man and realize he was humble and unappreciated, yet created things that we all need- and many things we are just learning again that we can use without being dependent on what corporations tell us to be dependent on.

People of his moral standing are fewer and fewer in this century.  He will live in memory as an inspiration for what a common but principled man can accomplish even in adversity.  Another man half a world away at roughly the same time is another such example.  Wilhelm Roentgen discovered and named X RAYS.  His experiments into this new type of radiation gave us a near completed understanding of their characteristics.  He began the science of medical imaging and REFUSED to patent the use of his discovery rightly recognizing the universality of it's use.
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