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Christmas shopping

Posted by Lady_K , 10 December 2011 · 163 views

Well there's not long left until the big man visits but I'm pleased to report I've finished my shopping. This year has been a cheap one since it's my first Christmas being single for 3 years! I've only had to shop for my parents and friends. No siblings and no real connection to the extended family means I don't have to buy a lot of pressies.

I'm pleased that I'll be spending Christmas with my Mum. I've recently moved back home so we're now room mates lol. I left home at 20 to live with some friends, then I moved in with my ex but now I'm home again! It may seem sad living with my Mum at 27 but it won't be a permanent thing. She's used to her own space since my folks split up years ago so I don't want to intrude for to long. I guess 2012 will see me living on my own for the first time ever  :o

I just remembered I haven't got a present for Missy Sox (Mum's cat). Well I've almost finished my shopping haha. I don't enjoy shopping much, I'm not really a girly girl. I do like to treat myself once in a while though. I got REM's new album playing now, shame they've split, some good tunes being sent out to the cold night through my window. Ok I'm hungry so better get snacks and maybe watch a movie.

Sweet dreams homies!  :P

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