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Posted by and then , 18 December 2011 · 301 views

My nickname is Skip.  I'm 51 and decided to see what blogging is all about.  Everything you bother to read here is my opinion and is not intended to harm or even to impress anyone.  It's just a mirror constructed with words and the image you see may not please you but it also won't hurt you.  I've read some of what other's here have written and I can assure you that I'm not profound or poetic.  Just feel the need to reach out and see if anyone else understands what passes for the "wisdom" I've been beaten by.

I just started blogging w/ this site.  It is a weird feeling, like leaving your journal sitting out in a public place and hiding around the corner to see if anybody will bother to read it.  Not that I've done that....anyway, nice note of introduction - looking  forward to future postings.
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Jan 03 2012 06:40 PM
I think blogging here is good for you. It's a good outlet,like talking to yourself. Have fun.
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Blogging is a good way to organize your thoughts and come back to them later if you want. I think more people should do it.
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