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Leap Day 2012

Posted by and then , 29 February 2012 · 230 views

It's really quiet as I sit here and at the cursor moving in time with my thoughts.  Damn that sticky U again...gotta get that fixed.  I came to UM almost 3 months ago and began to dump thoughts and feelings that I didn't even know I had.  I look back and see I've posted over a 1000 thoughts in response to others here.  Some people here are *******s.  Most are intelligent and with the just right mix of quirkiness and humor to suit my personality.  And I have learned from and appreciate both types.  
I spend most of my time giving my opinions"holding forth" as they used to say, on issues of war and peace in the middle east.  I especially get fired up over Israel because I am a Christian Zionist.  For me that does not mean seeking war and chaos so the saviour will return.  It just means that I support Israel's right to exist in it's historic land with Jerusalem as it's undivided and eternal capitol.
So many here take issue with that and are so vehement about the land belonging to the Palestinians that I sometimes get angry and a bit spiteful in my comments.  Sue me, I'm human.  
I'm not sure when I first began to think of Israel as a special place or to associate it with my belief in God but my earliest memories include these feelings.  I believe we are on the verge of an awakening worldwide of a new paradigm of unrestrained violence unseen in this modern age.  Assad is opening the eyes of the world again to the use of raw power.  It's not that such uses have never happened before.  It's that we can no longer afford these impulses with the weapons we now possess.
As I write this it's 3:48 DST in Mobile, Alabama.  That means it's almost 11 am in Homs.  The men, women and children there are wondering if today is their last on this earth.  Shells falling and bringing the crash of thunder so near many can feel the shock pass through them.  The reports that make it out tell the tale.  They are wondering why the world forgot them.  I wonder this also.  I am not a natural fan of the Syrian people.  If they were strong and undivided they would be and have marched the streets chanting Death to Israel, Death to America.  But they are human and they are being exterminated by an evil that knows no politics or allegiance other than raw power and hatred.  
We humans are big on precedent setting.  Somehow, if we can point to another time or place and say - see! they did it there -  before - then we can excuse ourselves almost any horror.
As I sit and ponder this extra day I've been given I wonder what the world will be like on February 29 in 2016.  Will this crisis be past with another having taken it's place or will the war still be raging in Iran or Syria.  
I've spoken with many here at UM who think that some nefarious military industrial complex is allied with the Western governments to maintain perpetual war for the sake of profits alone.  I just cannot accept that premise.  I grew up trusting my government and it's a habit that dies hard.
I believe that the city of Damascus, Syria will be destroyed overnight by a nuclear weapon from Israel.  I'm hardly unique in that belief.  I asked members here whether they would believe in prophecy if this happened and they resoundingly said no.  Not even if it happened overnight just as Isaiah predicted roughly 2600 years ago.  They cited the logic of their opinions.  I have to wonder, though.  Will that logic be as firm the day after Damascus is no more?  I pray for them that it will cause them to question themselves and their worldview.  Jesus said of His own predictions that He was telling his disciples beforehand what would be so that when it did happen, they would believe.  
I hope the Syrians in Babr Amar and Homs and Hama live to see a new day.  I pray that the wounded can find some relief from their pain.  I pray most of all that God will have mercy on all involved in this hellish place.
It's leap day.  One extra day for us to consider how to get it right before it's too late.

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