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Rolling Gently (A Three part Haiku)

Posted by magnoliaReverie , in poetry 08 August 2012 · 576 views

muffled thunder rolls

along the grey sky searching

lightning hides from view

while closing my eyes

leaves rushed with the wind become

crashing ocean waves

sitting on the stairs

listening, breathing, being



A Night (or 3) With Insomnia

Posted by magnoliaReverie , 30 July 2012 · 769 views
insomnia, sleep and 2 more...
Since I have insomnia, and absolutely nothing better to do, I feel like maybe going on with a dusk till dawn sort of..play by play if you will..so, here we go.

Everyone is going to sleep, one by one.  You pace around the house. Pick up this, wash that..pet the cat.  Put on some music, turn the volume up. Decide headphones might be better since there are...


Numbing You Away

Posted by magnoliaReverie , in poetry 30 July 2012 · 44 views

It's for the best, i know

it would just be more to forget
my head hurts enough already
every memory pounding
with fight to survive

I'll ignore the pain
the way I ignore your name in my head
visions of your smile float into my mind
I'll numb them with endless distraction

time moves slowly
and you don't seem to notice
so I put up a wall


Lover's Art

Posted by magnoliaReverie , in poetry 04 July 2012 · 495 views

He sang a song tonight
about the way into a lover's heart

I listened
to the strumming
and honey smooth voice
singing with conviction and

he told me the way
into a lover's heart
had to do
with the words
whispered in the dark

pressed lips

but the hardest part
I know
are those words in the dark


Our Hourglass

Posted by magnoliaReverie , in poetry 26 June 2012 · 413 views

falling from the sky we stand frozen
at the edge of this blue cliché
unraveling and enveloping
ankles buried in gentle waves

gasping onto electric painted clouds
before their fragile moments
are up like ours
blackness indefinitely will overcome them

trapped in an hourglass
of parallel desires
I choke on thinning stale air
and spiral downwards (or...


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