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An odd dream

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 24 December 2012 · 453 views

I slept like a rock all night and woke up at 7am still exhausted.  So since it's a lazy Christmas eve morning I decided to fall back asleep with the intent in mind to try and have a lucid dream.  Well, I wasn't lucid but it was definitely different.
I'm in the old mansion again. I've been here a handful or so of times in my dreams but...


Dream - bomb?

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 13 December 2012 · 158 views

Just a quick dream as I was falling asleep..some kind of bomb/explosion. Quick and sudden. Made my heart  pound.  Dark but I can see the outline of mountains and bright bright light hitting the ocean or a lake.  So bright.


Dream: Darkness and the Sun

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 15 November 2012 · 564 views

In a car, passenger side. I forget who is driving, but I think it's "D" one of my best friends from way back in elementary school. We're turning onto Ottawa St and I notice right on the corner,  6 street lights standing close together in a row, glowing a very bright, warm, orange light.  I look ahead of us, down the street and notice how...


A Fun Lucid Dream (for awhile)

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 01 July 2012 · 605 views

Had such a fun lucid dream last night! I remember the point where I became lucid, I was walking through a forest. I decided to focus on the farthest point ahead of me that I could see, to see how fast I could get there.  It wasn't instant, but I flew there with such perfect speed. I could see the green of the trees blur past me, but also still be...


Dream Entry: Perfect Loving Energy

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 06 June 2012 · 502 views

I met the most beautiful, loving, happiest little kids in my dream last night.
I dreamed of heading to some kind of store last night. It was night in the dream, and I was walking across the parking lot towards this store.

A man walked past me (he seemed a little annoyed at something, like he was looking for something and couldn't find it) followed by...

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