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Dream Entry, stuck in a web

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 22 February 2012 · 346 views
dream, web, spider
I had what I think, was a pretty symbolic dream last. I think this mostly because the things that randomly came to me were things that I don't usually dream.

The first thing I remember was being outside, in my backyard. I see the most massive, thickest spider web imaginable. It' s long and rectangular and so thick it's almost like a blanket. ...


False Photographic Memories (dreams)

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 13 February 2012 · 194 views
I had a dream last night, which I think involved another dream, or some kind of false memories.

A long times ago I dreamt one night about finding a shoe box hidden in my parent's closet. Inside the shoe box was full of letters and photographs. I remember the faces in the photographs still, I was in some of them as well, but that's all I...


Dream Entry - Trains and tattoos

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 09 February 2012 · 338 views
dove, tattoo, train, dream
Just a quick entry of last nights dream: (what I can remember of it)

I'm on a train, which looks more "modern" than regular trains. It also goes so much faster. The interior is white, with a lot of big windows, there are also seperate cabins that hold, i'm guessing, 3-4 passengers. ('ve been on this sort of train before in my...

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