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Harmonic Response

Posted by sarah_444 , in poetry 14 April 2012 · 208 views

unsettled emotions hope for sweet release
as my trembling hands
take rest atop the keys
cool and patient

consent to close your eyes but
your leave your soul open
to hear a whispered prayer and
gentle depress

quiet notes softly shatter the silence
nimbly flowing into the air
moonlight shadows catch the scent of a song
they listen with comfort and connection

notes rising into crescendo now
spinning and spiraling like
motes of dust caught in in a
euphoric melodic breeze

hands become steady
playing with ease
gracefully gliding and tapping
with flow and certainty
bleeding the pain into the keys
a race of black and white

the final movement comes
breathless and speechless
my heart is released in song
finding peace among torn sheets of paper
lined with black birds perched
upon telephone wires
written by composers
long gone

This is excellet, Sarah. A wonderful descripion of playing the piano.

I don't even play the piano, but this poem makes me feel like I've experienced doing so before. :)
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Wow, thanks, very much. :)
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Beautiful :)
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Glad you think so, ty.
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