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Dream Entry: Perfect Loving Energy

Posted by magnoliaReverie , 06 June 2012 · 569 views

I met the most beautiful, loving, happiest little kids in my dream last night.
I dreamed of heading to some kind of store last night. It was night in the dream, and I was walking across the parking lot towards this store.

A man walked past me (he seemed a little annoyed at something, like he was looking for something and couldn't find it) followed by these 3 little kids.  I don't even remember if they were girls or boys, just that they were biracial (that seemed to be demanding my attention) and maybe 3 or 4 years old.

Anyway, they walked past me and one stopped and turned around to smile at me.  I waved to him/her and suddenly the kid runs over to me and starts hugging me. The others follow and now I'm being hugged by these kids.  The energy they gave off was like nothing I've felt before, I've been around plenty of happy, loving little kids before...these kids had that magnified by hundreds.

It was such a pure, happy, loving, playful, innocent & unconditional loving feeling coming from them.  But they also had this wisdom about them, like they knew more then what they came off as knowing..if that makes sense. It's hard to describe, really.

The man they were with seemed annoyed with our exchange and started calling to them, so I told them it was time to go.  When I got to the front of the store, a woman came up to me smiling, and put her hand on my face.  She had some connection to the kids, I'm not sure that she was their mother though.  She looked at me and thanked me (i'm not sure for what) and walked off - then I woke up.

A lot of times the feelings you experience in a dreamare more important in the dream than the things you see or do.

A dream of feeling so much love; how lucky.
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