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Our Hourglass

Posted by magnoliaReverie , in poetry 26 June 2012 · 415 views

falling from the sky we stand frozen
at the edge of this blue cliché
unraveling and enveloping
ankles buried in gentle waves

gasping onto electric painted clouds
before their fragile moments
are up like ours
blackness indefinitely will overcome them

trapped in an hourglass
of parallel desires
I choke on thinning stale air
and spiral downwards (or is it up?)

and the jagged grains of sand
that you pour in on me
slip through my fingers, stick
to my skin and cut my toes and heart

for nothing
you keep running and sinking
walls are falling
and time keeps thinning

locked away forever
are those simple pieces of me
keyed only to you,
hold them if they mattered

I am a fool still, hopeful
banging on the glass, I'm shattering
can't you hear
that insistent echo?

our hope was a shared token
dropped into the machine
now the time is up -
and the music stops.


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