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Challenge: Change (untitled poem)

Posted by sarah_444 , in poetry 29 October 2012 · 645 views

A short poem I wrote for the poet's challenge thread a while ago. Wanted to save it in here with the others for easier access.

Challenge: Change

Life is a series of commas,
Because things continue to change
Without your needed permission
Your life can rearrange

Summer to Fall
Winter to Spring
Moods will shift
Relationships drift

Change is inevitable in that way
And I see it happening every day
But as things change
Others stay the same

The sun still shines
Tides fall and rise
Stars still glow
Trees continue to grow

So when the winds of change begin to blow
Have no fear
Stand strong and breathe it in
Take it slow
And go with the flow

I like the thought, thank you for sharing this thought provoking poem my friend.

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Professor T
Oct 30 2012 12:46 AM
Yep. Looove this one..
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Glad you liked it. Thank you. :)
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A Wizard's Mercy on a Drunken Poet

...so I hid only his left hand...
as an after-thought, enchanted his cat into glassware.
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