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An odd dream

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 24 December 2012 · 427 views

I slept like a rock all night and woke up at 7am still exhausted.  So since it's a lazy Christmas eve morning I decided to fall back asleep with the intent in mind to try and have a lucid dream.  Well, I wasn't lucid but it was definitely different.
I'm in the old mansion again. I've been here a handful or so of times in my dreams but not recently. I think I was in my mid teens the first time I remember being here (in a dream).

(The house has been restored to back to it's time of building and people are able to go on tours, learn about life of the family who lived there, etc.  The situation usually involves me going off and exploring it on my own for a while).

This time though I'm spending the night there. I'm staying in the basement and have all night to explore, but I stay in the same hallway just off of my "room".  It's cold down here, and the walls have been repainted a pale blueish green. I don't like it. The whole house makes me sick with dread tonight for some reason.

I remember opening doors and remembering where the other doors would lead me but I can't bring myself to go into them.  I open one door that leads to "The girl's" rooms. It's a narrow staircase that leads all the way up to the attic where there are three small bedrooms (or maybe it's a room with three beds, that part is fuzzy) that once belonged to three sisters.

In a previous dream (one of the first I had of this house) I went up there as part of the tour.  Each bed (or room) is decorated in a different colour. One pink, one yellow, one blue. They are Victorian style canopy beds, very lacy and frilly.
The thought of going up into these rooms terrifies me though, I feel sick with the amount of dread I feel.  I can barely look up the staircase long enough before I close the door.  

I look into another room, which was a butler's room I think. I read some information that is there about him and about his death. I don't remember what I read but I remember feeling sad about this.

I feel very on edge, and go into the room where I'm staying tonight.  I see myself in the mirror and scream.  I see myself, but someone else as well. I look like me but I'm not me. I don't understand that now and can't really find the right words to explain it properly so I don't expect anyone else to understand either. One of those things you only understand while in the dream I think.

At another moment soon after that, I walk past a window and catch my reflection.  I am myself, but dressed in very old fashioned men's clothing.  I'm a lot taller too.  I'm wearing a black top hat, white shirt, black pants and a long black coat. I think I might be holding a cane, or remember holding a cane? I feel like myself and this other person at the same time.  The sadness I feel belongs to him, but I'm not sure if the fear is "his" or mine.  

How's that for trippy? My reflection startles me but it doesn't seem that unusual to me.  I wish I could have stayed in the dream longer but I wake up soon after this because my cat felt it was necessary to jump on me and meow persistently in my face. That's what I get for sleeping in and not waking up to feed him I guess.

That's a pretty interesting dream in itself, but interesting to me even more because I just had a dream last night of taking a tour in an old restored mansion (I had had a dream in the same house not too long ago).  I was also very scared and on edge the whole time, so feel you.
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