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Posted by orangepeaceful79 , 22 March 2012 · 252 views

the sun kissed
her lips, perfect
full and soft
and he watched from
across a room
the size of half a continent
it seemed
his fingertips weathered
by fret and string
tapping out words
reaching in reaching out
nouns and verbs
a rushing torrent
no edits tonight
its do or die
do do do!
his heart raced as he
wrote, hoping she would feel the urgency
hoping she would know
hoping she would feel
that connection
he paused to breathe and to consider
what he'd wrought
only the ringing in his ears
to hear
only the beating of his heart
to feel
it had flowed through him
like so much current
only a moment before
and now it was done.
another poem
for her

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