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When Vacationers Attack

Posted by Landry , 04 March 2012 · 192 views

~ A woman .. tall, dark hair, eyes hidden behind dark glasses, worn leather jacket, tight jeans with the cuffs tucked into dusty motor boots. She had seemed to magically appear out of the cooling desert night. Lordi's "Devil's Lullaby" was thundering from the juke box in the squalid biker bar.
~ Desperate, hard-ass bikers, living on the fringes of humanity, as if in their own isolated world, and by their own rules - their rowdy conversation dwindled to silence as the woman walked toward the bar, seemingly without concern, even though a sense of danger hung in the air like diseased smoke. Leering faces with bloodshot eyes locked on the woman's curvaceous butt as it swayed past a pool table where the most recent game seemed to be frozen in suspended animation.
~ One exceptional hard-case separated himself from the twenty or more of his fellow degenerates and began walking slowly toward the sultry brunette interloper. At roughly 250 muscular lbs. - 6ft. 4in. - once he might have been handsome, but long ago he had ceased to ask for anything - now he just takes, and god help anyone who stands in his way.
I sense big boy as he begins to approach me from behind - no matter, being a werewolf has it's perks. My rear end is hot and tired from straddling my powerful Harley Davidson, and I need a drink - if hero tries anything, I'll make him cry like a little girl. I have zero tolerance for stupid crap, especially when the moon is full.
As I take in the nasty, disaster area of the bar top, I am thankful for my supernatural immune system. "I want a shot of Jack Daniels, straight up," I say to the horribly grungy bartender, then almost faster than a mortal's eye can follow, I turned and grasped lover boy's wrist - his hand had been two inches from my butt. "Hurry it up bartender," I said as I began to gently squeeze the thick grimy wrist I was holding. Romeo's eyes widened and the bulging muscles in his arm flexed, trying without visible result to escape my grip. I smiled, and perhaps it was my teeth - a bit longer - and certainly sharper than they should be .. Mr. Arizona's eyes widened and the blood visibly drained from his face - I heard a clearly audible "pop" as his wrist bones collapsed. Woopsie!
~ The scream that followed evidenced a massively resonant lung capacity, and as a single, mindless, terrified thing, every would-be, tough-ass, biker thug ran for the door only to shamble to an unwilling halt. Moans and dispirited curses erupted from the verminous outcasts as their incredulous eyes ping-ponged back and forth between one aspect of death incarnate and something possibly even more terrible. Blocking the only exit was another woman - regal, formidable, and for some mysterious yet readily palpable reason, no longer human.
In a relaxed but slightly vexed tone of voice Lexi said, "damn girl, you said you wouldn't make trouble." I shrugged and said, "sorry babe, he started it," indicating the huddled form sobbing at my boots. Suddenly brightening, Lexi said, "look what I found!" Holding out her closed hands, Lexi proudly opened them revealing two large, black, malignantly venomous scorpions. "Aren't they cute? There must be a lot of 'em around here!" I noticed that at least one momma's boy had fainted while here and there others seemed to be offering up prayers from dimly remembered pasts. I retrieved the shot of Jack Daniels from the bar and tossed it back. In a voice made rough by the burn of bourbon, I said, "yeah babe, they're adorable."
What? Do you really think I'd walk into a snake-pit like that without vampire back-up?

Mar 16 2012 10:21 PM
This was a really neat read. Thanks for writing it. Always love a good short read to kill a few minutes, and put a quick smile on my face. Thanks again, and send some more of these our way.
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