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Posted by FollowTheLights , 23 March 2012 · 288 views

First thoughts in the morning ramblings
I woke up to look and see if anyone had responded to my (probably) outlandish posts about fairies.  I feel like I should spell it faerie when plural.  I was scared out of my mind last night, and kept feeling like I was sinking and expanding at the same time remembering this other world I had peered into.  I found out that even Indians have accounts of faeries, called Pari.  That is to say Hindu, Vedic, Buddhist Indians.  I looked and I couldn't find any books dealing directly with this, or sections of the Vedas, etc.  For some reason knowing that they have accounts of these beings made me feel at ease again.

When I was young I always knew that I would get sucked into a mundane life that every other person has to lead.  I knew I would lose a lot of awareness, creativity, intuition, and everything else when that happened.  I still can't understand most of what adults do.  If there are all of these things that I've experienced, ghosts, telekinesis, faeries, telepathy, what are we doing?  I don't understand being so completely Earth-bound.  Yet, now that I'm well into my adult years, I'm afraid to be anything else.  

I can take some sort of comfort in things being so completely flawed in our mundane affairs.  It seems like people want to have those flaws, those problems to work on sometimes.  Politics, greed, money, power, etc.  If it weren't for those things the industrial revolution could be a truly great thing.  Now it is a race to the bottom.  Never mind the wonder of invention itself.  That is always a good thing.  How it is implemented is the problem.  Everything seems so short sighted.  They are easy problems with no solution, and one can define their identity and find belonging through their opinions on those subjects.  Lately I think there is a lot of posturing going on, and not many real answers.  

We have a soul, but it scares us.  A good friend of mine said that if people really lived according to the teachings of Jesus, or Buddha, or Krishna they would be put in an insane asylum.  How do you exist in between all of these different things?  I used to write poetry about finding one's self in work.  About doorways opening up to an understanding of all things from at least a certain point of view, through mastering one thing.  But, we don't really do that anymore.  It seems like something that would have been said a long time ago.  I think there are a lot of unnecessary barriers these days, largely due to our education system, but more so because of how we think about things like technology.  How people have developed it to be profitable.  Similar to how people have developed law to be unreadable.  It's hard to go forth and be fruitful...unless you're talking about having kids.  

Everyone should know how their T.V. works.  How completely awesome it is that we can send a radio wave encoded with another frequency, that tells an oscillator or two to separate out three different colors, and sound.  We think of it as a convenience, a right almost, and a sacred object.  It is awesome, and mundane in the sense of it being a tool that we can use at the same time.  If we knew how mundane it is maybe we wouldn't worship the people we see on it so much, and use it more wisely.  You could say that we have more than we should when we don't know where "it" comes from or how it works.  Or, "Our technology has surpassed our humanity."  I still think education is the key.  That is how we find our soul, mixed up, and entwined in our current time.  Not because it teaches us about specific things, but more so it teaches us how to think about things, and gives people a sense that all of these things are theirs too.  They can take responsibility.  

Dogma is everywhere, and wonder has no credibility.  Achievement means at least one journey has ended.  The human element is fractured, and once people grow up there is almost no turning back for any faction, not in this self centered atmosphere, and so the cracks run.  Interaction with other people does more for neuro-plasticity than any drug, but the right people seem to be missing.  Ones who open a door both above and below.  We are not only the very tip of a rocket.  If you want perma-culture and sustainability I think you have to teach people about the amazing things we take for granted that are also ours as human beings.  If you want to inspire humility, talk about grandeur.  Everything contains its opposite.  If you notice in meetings where business people are congratulating themselves for something they always talk about being humble.  If you want to repair your nation's image, tell the truth.  Where is Mark Twain when you need him?

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