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RIP Freddy

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 24 November 2013 · 381 views

22 years..... He's still a one of a kind.


RIP Brad

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 24 September 2013 · 682 views

Unfortunately, I post this with a heavy heart.

The drummer and bassist of this band are a life long friends of mine.
Brad Barnett, the drummer, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today.

I knew him longer than anyone else, given he sat next to me all through grammar school, and we also went to high school together.

The entire NYC punk community...


Nothing Is Sacred

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 10 September 2013 · 431 views
people suck
So I went for Ganesh Chaturthi today .My ashram , which I have been going to for years.
When you go , you can have a puja done.Thats a blessing.
You give the priest things to have blessed,and things to offer hGanesha.

So the things to bless are in a bag .We all give bags for puja.
When the puja is over , they give us our bags back .
You take it home to...



Posted by Simbi Laveau , 26 August 2013 · 469 views
national anthem
This is amazing.


Oowww ! Im all "crafty"

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 25 July 2013 · 450 views


So I got a new couch ,that folds out into a day bed.
It's the most comfy thing I've slept on in ages . Problem is ,when its folded out ,if I sit forward to watch the tv ,my back is against the actual wall .
I prefer it folded open ,so...I thought ,bed pillow.
I looked at a bunch on line ,and some are high techy . Some are frigging ugly . Some...


There are no words for this

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 13 June 2013 · 528 views
authority run amok
I think this should be national news,and every person involved fired.
If you agree,please post it somewhere .
I cannot believe how the "judge" just sat there and did nothing .
She should sue the city


RIP Arturo Vega

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 08 June 2013 · 862 views

It is with a very heavy heart I write this.
I just got word Arturo Vega ,aka The Fifth Ramone ,just passed away .
I knew he was sick . I heard last night he was not good ,and now he's gone .

I have very fond memories of Artie from the old Ramones days .
His cases of Dom Perringion . His tee shirts . His tricked out apartment . His tales of Chihuahua...


mou ~

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 27 May 2013 · 299 views

I'm so sick,and no one is singing Soft Kitty to me. I feel so dejected ...


Obsessive Debunking Disorder ; Do you have it ?

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 17 May 2013 · 707 views
Ahhhh,just as conspiracy theorists and people who believe in ghosts and demons ,can have alleged mental disorders.
Apparently ,so can people who obsessively denounce it all.
From a friend .And may I say ,Touche ....

ODD : Obsessive Debunking Disorder

: By Thomas Sheridan

Are Hardcore Skeptics and Debunkers Actually Brain Deficient? Their Own Beloved...


See The Auschwitz for Rabbits

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 15 March 2013 · 435 views
As I have mentioned before,I am working hard with a grassroots bunch of like minded people ,to shut down a house of horrors of a rescue.
We've created a Facebook page ,just documenting FACTS .
This person has been doing this,13 years now. The fact the place remains untouched ,is a crime . I estimate they've killed over 600 animals,with negligence...

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