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The fact i even have to do this,is very annoying

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 28 March 2012 · 135 views

For Anyone with issue about my alleged medical knowledge,my major in college,was PHARMACY.
You know,that stuff with the drugs....I hated it.I minored in toxicology.
After 2,years,I switched to the paramedicine program ,as I had become an EMT,and loved it.

I was a nyc paramedic for 17 years. I have commendations from 3 mayors of nyc.
My medical director was Dr Stephen Lynn.The guy that cracked John Lennons chest.
He also created REMSCO.
His medics had to be the best,so we were all in house certifed in stuff no other medics were .
Chest tubes,placing central lines,and doing pre hospital throbolytic therapy.
That was in 1990.
We were all as least as qualified as a PA.

I went to both WTC events,and I am listed as a 911 first responder.
I considered medical school at one point,but was becoming disillusioned with medicine.
I got into Chinese medicine via my kung fu teacher.
So i went back to school and got my masters degree in Chinese medicine.
Its technically a doctorate with the herbal part included,but the AMA won't let us use the word doctor.Makes em sweat funny.

The alternative medical field knows more about what they are doing to poison us,and discredit anyone who might steal their patients,and MONEY ,than you can even FATHOM.

So i suggest,unless you have as much medical experience I do,both eastern and western,shut up.

You claim I am biased and know nothing,when you believe all the alleged legit studies,skewed purposely to keep them rolling in dough.
Dozens Dozens of vaccine studies ,proving the alleged lies,have all been swept under the carpet.
They threaten to jail us if we claim we can cure something ,when we CAN,and they WONT.
There are half a dozen painless simple cancer cures,and they know it,but chemo radiation and dozens of visits to the hospital and oncologists office ,makes them a whhhooolllle lot more money.

Anyone who says medicine isn't a billion dollar business,is a moron.
They make millions on vaccines.If my holier than thou attitude annoys you,right back at ya,given I probably know more about western meds and disease processes, than you .

I've studied acupuncture in Japan and Vietnam . I've been licensed since 1998.
So spare me all your rhetoric on what I supposidly do not know,and I am biased.
Dunno if you've all noticed,you're all JUST as biased .
Ddduuuhhhh !

You are the ignorant ones,that allow yourselves to be spoon fed by people just lining their pockets with blood sweat and tears of desperate people.

I would die before going to a hospital at this point in my life.I know what they do to us.
For someone who told patients the opposite of that for 17 years,and believed they were doing good with this medicine,you might want to wonder WHY ,I completely turned my back on it ,after being so dedicated to it.
I lived for my job the first 10 years or so.

I had my damn eyes opened .Thats what happened.
And we've know all this stuff for years.From vaccines,to codex alimentarius,to the lies about our food and GMOs.
So live with yer blinders on .You will all learn the hard way .
tsk tsk

Too bad,so sad

Adious muchachos

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