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Oh What A Tangled Web

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 07 April 2012 · 229 views

Oh,this place is so funny.
I had dinner today,with 3 of my old paramedic compadres.Two of them are now Physicians Assistants,one is an MD.Hes an orthopod,so we dont hold it against him too much.

So im looking at the latest barrage of nonsense from obvious non medical people,who all know how to google,and I was showing them all the people on here saying I have no medical knowledge,and I lie.

again, pealing with laughter.

I mean I worked with N at Jamaica hospitals E/R,when I first came out of school .They used medics to cover the slack when the nursing shortage was at its height,and they had us doing stuff you wouldn't believe.
Placing arterial lines,helping with chest tubes.High trauma area.
So we alternated between the ambulance and the E/R.
The program only lasted about a year,and I was hungry to just work on the truck,so I left there for a hospital in Manhatten.

J was friends with N over at Lutheran Hospital.
I worked with him when he finished med school.
I was on the ambulance out of Jacobi,and he was a resident at St Barnabas.

I know B from when I taught the paramedic program at Booth Memorial.
She runs the E/R she works in now,on the midnight shift.
Most of her attending MDs are idiots.Very common these days.
You dont get much respect from the likes of us,unless you prove you have a brain.
MD after your name,gets you not a whole lot in my world anymore.

So im showing them all the crap these idiots obviously google,and post,while telling me I have no medical knowledge, we were hysterical.
B actually comes to me for acupuncture....

J is only in town for Easter .Hes great fun.He used to make home made wine.
We would all meet at our accountants office,and he would bring a bottle,and everyone would have some.
Our accountant is famous in NYC.He does all blue collar workers.
So we all bump into each other there during tax time.
I'd see my old partner from Jacobi ,and guys I knew from queens.
Old home week.

I blew work off today actually.My office location is proving to be a problem.I can get an office for 5 days a week in manahatten,for the same money.
I'd like to do 3 days,as I've had an offer to work out of a chiropractors office 2 times a week as well.
I could do comp and no fault patients in the Bronx,and see private medical patients in manahatten.
Hnnmn,I think so.This office now is in a very well to do area,but these people are all into TREAT ME FOR FREE.
And stuff gets stolen out of my work space all the time,which is just not working for me.
I didn't want to commute to work anymore,but long island and queens are just not great places for an office.
Times are tough. I need a reprive ......A cat just plopped on my feet and started to purr.
There ya go.

So... Simbi/Missymoo, why don't you return to the threads you posted to and then abandoned?  This is a bit like running away and then throwing rocks from behind a high fence..  I'd take you seriously if you were brave enough to actually DEBATE the issues using cites, references and real logic.  As it stands, you posted links that don't even agree with what you were saying, then vanished as soon as they were questioned.  And now you 'back up' your views by posting this, with nothing more than claims that you are an expert?

If you are an expert, go back to those threads and prove your expertise.  And where you are wrong, admit it - it's good for the soul.

BTW, We've heard the old routine about showing posts to your friends (who are invariably even more experienced experts), and them rolling around in hysterics.  Very believable - yep I do that all the time.. :rolleyes:   And were they laughing when they saw you imply the link between Autism spectrum disorder and vaccinations, and where you recommended that vaccinations be avoided?  Or did you, maybe, sort of, give them a slightly different story..?

And why aren't THEY brave enough to register here and enter the debate?  Show them THIS posting too - I'm sure they (if they exist) will laugh this direct challenge off, too.  Oh, the hilarity..  Anyway, now those threads are full of countering information to your misleading (and now seemingly abandoned) stuff.

Are you (and they) going to do anything about that, except for a few more hysterics over these alleged dinners?  Sounds like fun.  Or fantasy.

{Edited to add colored text, accidentally cut out of original)
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Simbi Laveau
Apr 07 2012 06:39 AM
I don't abandon them,I get tired of arguing with people who keep insulting me .
It gets tedious.I post what I post,so people with a clue,get something out of it,which is the point .
People who just want to argue with me,and tell me I am wrong,are not worth my time.
Its like throwing pails of water against large waves.
If people want to say I am ignorant ,I lie,and they dont believe it,it is their prerogative to do so,I however do not have to subject myself to a bunch of nasty people  ,who are very closed minded,and if they actually knew anything about real medicine,would never say ,"you dont know what you're talking about".
That's why .
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Simbi Laveau
Apr 07 2012 06:43 AM
And my friends all have kids,or are attending physicians somewhere.They dont have time,or an interest in registering here .
I got interested because of the paranormal stuff.I had no idea what else went on here until I looked around .
Again,I've been told I lie,and I know nothing .
I have no desire to be bashed anymore.
I also know a lot about everything I say,no need to prove it.
If anyone has a private question,just message me,otherwise,I have better things to do .
You can only call someone an idiot so many times ,before the say ,adious.
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Simbi Laveau, on 07 April 2012 - 04:39 PM, said:

I don't abandon them,I get tired of arguing with people who keep insulting me .
You mean insults like:

Simbi Laveau said:

..So im showing them all the crap these idiots obviously google.."
That sort of insult?  Worse than that, were they?

Maybe you should REPORT any actual insults, and maybe you should try to recognise when your bad information is what is being 'insulted'.
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Simbi Laveau
Apr 07 2012 09:51 AM
The point is,I cannot debate with people who believe in the western medical model,and that its is all pure,and only here to help us.
I no longer believe this,at all. We are but fodder ,for them to milk and make money off of.
People telling me I don't know what I'm talking about when i say WHO ,the FDA,AMA,are all in on it together with big pharm.
I'm a conspiracy nut.
* shakes head*
It not worth the time to try to explain it to them.
They know what they know,and so be it.
And yes,given I have close to 30,years in the medical field,being told I know nothing is not just laughable,but an insult. I have no desire to even attempt to try to reason with people like that.
They get all their info by googling,as if everything on the internet is true.Even Snopes out right lies ,when it comes to government issues .
So.......forgive me if i cannot be bothered with people like this.
It is all part of the dumbing down of the public.
I trust no doctors anymore,as they are all trained to be part of the big machine.Pushing the crap that the drug cos put out,while racking up your bill with a dozen new tests we suddenly all need,that we managed to live without for decades.
I mean WTF is restless leg syndrome ? It didn't even exist 15 years ago,but now there are 3 drugs for it,and its a diagnosis.
How many bogus new medical ailments are there now .
All these new diseases kids get,that were just all part of growing up .
If they're adolescent ,and uncommunicative ,they have some nonsense like rebellious resistance syndrome. I mean the names for this stuff is ridiculous ......
And of course there are drugs for it,that all make the kid sick .
Western medicine is a sham now. Sad but true.Nothing to debate.its all propaganda,and everything they put out there to put the blame for autism,everywhere ,BUT ON THE TRUE CAUSE,will all you will find on line,or in studies.
They lie about all of it,and always will.
Nothing to debate .
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