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Posted by Simbi Laveau , 25 April 2012 · 430 views

So, with being so ill,I've not gone out of the house,at all,since friday night.

Yesterday,the big kitchen garbage pail had to be emptied.
Put it all in a big Hefty bag,and just plopped it on the top step of the side stoop.
To actually get said bag into an outside trash pail,would involve walking down three steps,and putting it in a pail.Too complicated just now.

Given how I felt,top of the stoop will do,til trash day.

So later that evening,I fed the cats.I had other recycling.
I decided to bite the bullet ,and put the cans and bottles out.I hate them all lying on the counter top.
So I gathered a few up,opened the door,and stepped out on the top step.

It was very dark.I looked down,and I could tell,the bag had contents coming out of it.
I had only put it out 2 hours before,and I know I tied it.

All I had on were a tee shirt and sweat pants, with flop flops on.No socks.So I'm standing there,squinting down at the disheveled bag,and i *feel* something, odd and scratchey,scraping along my left ankle.

Like a weird pipe cleaner being dragged along the top of my foot ,at the ankle crease.

What....T_F !?

I'm looking,and i see sssoommeeething.
It's white,slow moving,I think i saw the rat like tail.....,but without contacts in,and no light,just imagination .
I run in the house and grab the baby flashlight. By the time I got back out,long gone.

The bag was rended ,top and bottom.I had to sweep everything up .Sweep off all the steps.
I was most annoyed.

I could still feel the scratchy tail .I checked my leg.I'm lucky the little b****** didn't bite me.

I had one on my stoop once before,a baby.
It came around when I used to feed the outside cat that I'm sure my scumbag neighbor killed.(I still miss that cat....miss him).
Found one in my garbage pail once too.I let it loose in my backyard.

The guy behind my scumbag neighbors house has a nest of them we think.
They all come visiting our driveways.
I'm worried one will bite one of my cats .
Nasty blighters,but they're part of the neighborhood.

I came inside and took a shower immediately .
Ick  :mellow:

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