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So Like,Vampires.....

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 27 July 2012 · 519 views

oh edward .....
Is anyone besides me,not buying the kristen Stewart,R Patz thing ?
They were the most private of hollyweird couples,but somehow,she's photographed snogging a married man ?
My prediction is,they will get back together,all snuggly ,just in time for the release of Breaking Dawn part 2,to make it an even bigger box office draw. LOL .

So now,I'm watching the Forever Knight series. A friend of mine was an iconic fanfics writer of the series.
I recently went looking for her,as we lost touch ,and I found ,literally ,100s of posts about her fanfics .
I did find her,and what a found was sad.....but after reading so much about this,I said Damn,just watch it already.
She was actually the one that got me into Red Dwarf too...

Annnyyhooooo,its sort of Moonlight . Moonlight was more fun for me,as I lllooovveee Alex O'Loughlin .
It think this went for 2 seasons .
I mean its ok.The only thing of its kind at the time,but its always the same,isn't it.
Guy is a vicious vampire for centuries. Guy is now either in law enforcement,or helps law enforcement .
Guy desperately wants to be human again,and someone is trying to help him do this.
Guy falls in love with a human girl,making his desire to be human,even more intense.

Forever Knight is Canadian,and from the 80s I think . Rather basic. He's a cop .He flies. His partners name is Skank .Detective Skank .

A recent rehash of it would be Blood Ties,which I actually liked a lot .
The cop is a woman ,and the human,for a change .
Also Canadian ,and even had a bit of a Night STALKER element to it.
Sad that the better series don't make it,and we get like,vampire diaries and grimm. Neither of which i watch .

I still miss Moonlight. CBS are morons. They cancelled it just before twilight hit ....duh .

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