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Stupid stupid stupid

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 02 August 2012 · 457 views

I am allergic to bleach. I found this out the hard way.
One time,before going to Japan for 2 months,I cleaned and cleaned,so the house sitter had everything all nice.
I did every room .Usually one room a night.
I have .....8 small rooms .2 big rooms,and one huge room .
One night,I did the huge room,and the big rooms,all night long. I used bleach and soap. My eyes and nose teared and ran,but I disregarded it all,as nothing felt wrong....yet.

I burned it all. My lungs were on fire the next day .Apex to bases .
I was afraid I would end up in the E/R ,intubated.
It took six months to heal ,literally.
I had a contact dermatitus on my arms too .
Bleach is bad ....

So I just did counter tops last night. Quick and easy. I ran out of my green cleaner,and i just wanted to do it fast.
I had a bottle of bleach under the counter....

A quickie on counter tops.I wont have a problem...
Guess again.
My throat is inflamed.My nose won't stop running. I cannot stop coughing .
It didn't get to my lungs,but yeah,I burned my upper respiratory tract.
Never again. I'm throwing all this crap out for good.

Gotta be careful with that stuff, its dangerous!
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Simbi Laveau
Aug 02 2012 08:52 PM
Yeah.When I did the basement,the huge room,that's where all my cat litter boxes are. And its not like stuff is all over the floor,but it stands to reason I would have some "splash".
Bleach with urine makes chlorine gas ....my lungs were...wow...my bad.
But this was such a small amount,but i appear to be much more sensitive to it now.
Never again .Green cleaners only .
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