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Trader Joes Has Lost My Affections

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 17 August 2012 · 516 views

I love Trader Joes,but I only have one,remotely close to me.
There's a couple in Manhattan,but the one by me,is only ten minutes,and has a parking lot.

I have a cat,his name is Harry Callahan . Little Cal for short .
He's an Egyptian mau I rescued from death row,in a Texas shelter .
Dallas .
They kill their wards with the needle thru the heart method ,while the animal is awake .
Yeah ...
I paid for his vetting,boarding,and then transport to NY.
I was told he was about 3 months old. When I got him,he was so small,I thought barely 2 months .
He was allegedly dewormed.

Hejust doesn't grow. I got him last October ,he's gotten longer,but he weighs barely 3 lbs. He's so tiny.
So ,he's about 1year old,and he still looks like a kitten .
He had a tape worm though .
I wormed him again .....he's just a runt,and he's ,well like the sickly kid at school,that never feels well.

In any case .I adore him .He actually walks on a leash ,in his tiny harness. Skulls motif of course .He's my little pal.

So my vet,is by trader joes. We had an appt,and I said,hey,let's go get cat food ! As my guys love their food.
So its Saturday,and a mad house there. The parking lot is a breeding ground for fender benders.

I park,but its 85 degrees.
I only want some lettuce for my bunnies,and cat food.
I will be 5 minutes .
I put him in his carrier,and load him into a wagon .
I get the lettuce,and I'm making my way to pet food. I was in there barely 5 minutes.
Someone taps me on the shoulder ...
Miss ,THAT isnt allowed in here,not even in a carrier.

Not oops,you had no idea ,please don't bring him again .Finish shopping.

Never diss Tiny Cal .

Hes my travel pal,and he's been inside waldbaums,keyfood,and even Whole Foods Snooty whole foods.
No one has ever had and issue with him in the carrier,especially if its so hot out.
And yes ,I know the laws. No ones ever given anyone I know a problem.
Trader Joes in Manhattan is cool with my friends cat....ok.

I will never shop there again.

In other news. I found the ellusive Mexican coca cola.
It's 1.50$ for a 10oz bottle. It definately tastes different. Lighter. Not cloyingly sweet.
I found a Mexican neighborhood not too far from me .So I can find it now.

Bad news is,trader joes just started selling it .
Argh .

Biff Wellington
Aug 17 2012 02:13 AM
Great dumpster diving at that there trader Joe's. When I lived in Vegas, I went there once a week & dived for fresh throw outs. I would get hundreds of dollars worth in Good food. Gets & spinach stuffed salmon. Good pastrami. Parfaits. Orange juices. Tangerine juices. So many great things & all for free! My dog was eating Flat Iron steaks. I stopped buying him dog food at the time because I was feeding him better food for free.
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Simbi Laveau
Aug 17 2012 02:49 AM
Seriously ....owwww...
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Biff Wellington
Aug 17 2012 02:54 AM
Be there at 10pm. Any night. I wish there was one here. I would stop buying food Lol.
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