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I Finally Put It Together

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 01 September 2012 · 572 views

douglas coil
First let me say,I am not promoting anything here ,and I do not recommend this for anyone to go and buy or try.
Always go to your doctor . I am a maverick after all,and these things cost close to 2000$,,anyway,so most people cannot afford them .

One of my acupuncture patients has Lyme disease,with underlying bartonella.
She is into more avant guard stuff ,than you can image .
She has this thing called an amethyst mat ,which she also swears by,which  if I had 1000$ lying around,I might try .
She is a very sick person,who researches this stuff carefully ,before diving in.

During her Lyme journey,she met a medical doctor ,at her naturopaths office.
Get it,an MD,going to an alternative healer. Oh the irony .
In any case,this MD,learned from another MD,about the Douglas coil.

It's similar to something called a Rife machine .

This guy had no success treating his Lyme,via conventional methods ,and he found this machine during his trials and tribulations ,and decided to try it.
Cured himself finally ,as have others ,or so they claim.
There was issue with it,because people have used it to try to cure cancer.
I have heard conflicting stories ,but again,always go to your doctor .
The FDA totally denounces this machine ...*coughs,which means it probably works ,*coughs*

OK,so I listen to the stories from my patient,and she buys one of these machines,and she swears by it
Her mom uses the amethyst mats as well ,says it relieves all her back pain .

OK ,intriguing,but I wasn't totally invested in it.

Then ,in 2010,my most beloved cat,a silver Egyptian mau ,with a heart of gold,came down with something called FIP.
Feline Infectious Peritonitis .
Incurable by western medical standards .Always fatal.
I did everything to save him . If he was going to die anyway,we had nothing to lose .
Herbs,homeopathy,nutrition . I was buying this stuff called T Cyte,from a lab in California,to the tune of 200$ a week .
Supplements,special food,hand feeding.
I was determined to save him.

He did better than most cats with this disease .My homeopath thought he might survive.
Research ive done,has shown FIP,is curable,with a chance of 50%,with homeopathy.
However,the person doing this work,is a homeopath vet,who changed their meds daily,and drained them,andstarted ivs,in house,as needed.
To cure FIP ,you need 24 hour supervision,for like 2-3 weeks.
99.9% of of owners with FIP cats,do not have this luxury.

My patient suggested I try her Douglas coil on him.
It is said to kill viruses.
I was desperate.My entire life now revolved around his feeding and medication schedule,which was a 24 hour thing .I didn't sleep . I missed work ,I didn't care.
With all the cats I've ever owned ,he was special .Very special

So I first went to her house,and tried the coil on myself . It felt like I passed a kidney stone .,I hadn't even know I had .
It was the most bizarre thing. And when you think about it,its similiar to the sound waves they use to break up kidney stones .
I was facinated.
I started bringing him to her house,after work ,and treating him with this thing .
He actually seemed to respond .

Most cats,only live a few weeks after being diagnosed with FIP .We were going on three months .My vet was impressed ,but he wasn't actively getting better .
He had lost so much weight.

So I said,ok,let me buy one of these things,to save him .
His name was Ptolemy btw.
So the machine has four parts.
Two have to be made by someone that knows how . My patient referred me to her guy ,who has the best rep in the business.
Some people claim the machine doesn't work ,but my patient thinks its because some are not made correctly,by people who just want $$$.

So then the other two pieces are technical equipment ,you have to buy from the proper manufacturers .

So I ordered everything . It's a lot of money ,once all is said and done .
For me,it was about 1600$,and that's because I bought one piece used .

Everything had come,but one last piece.
Ptolemy was getting worse and worse .

I called about the last piece ....on its way .

It came on a Friday ...Ptolemy had died on Thursday .That was March of 2010 .
The four pieces have sat in my living room,in a box,unassembled ,ever since.
I justdidn't have the heart to out it together.

Well,last night ,I got inspired .I gutted my entertainment center ,and cleaned it all .Ditched 20 year old stereo  equipment
I refitted all the shelves for the machine pieces .Set up a power surge bar ,and put it together .
A few pieces ,plugs and wires,went MIA in the time it has sat .
I found substitutes .
Took me probably two hours total ,and was a complete pain in the ass to do ,but I did it .

I actually did a liver treatment on myself ,and it seemed fine ,but the amp overheated .
I have to play with the ampage ,to keep that from happening ,as I would like to start using it regularly ,on both myself ,and the cats,for all kinds of stuff.

Ptolemy ,may have inadvertently helped save me,or another cat ,in the future . Time will tell .

I miss you P .Miss you.


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