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Posted by Simbi Laveau , 01 December 2012 · 455 views

I am very distressed with the behavior of one of my cats.
It's one of my Egyptian maus from Egypt .
The maus from Egypt,have very different personalities ,than cats from home. Serious alpha stuff ,in both males and females.
This guy,is the last one I adopted ,and he's a good boy for the most part ,but he's gotten very aggressive with the other cats ,as of late.
He bullies the girls as a rule,except Psiren,as she's the alpha female Mau .
He has been trying to get at Cthulhu,and I'm afraid he will kill him . He's still so small,and Draven has long fangs ,and is very strong and heavy .

Mostly he picks on  Hellon,and suddenly Kali.
Kali is my matriarch .She lived outside for her first 9 years,with a moron family,who didn't even spay her .
She fought dogs and raccoons ,for her life,from what I was told .
She only has one eye.
He's been bullying her,and having full on fights .She's getting hurt .
This is not good . I've never even had cat fights in here. With all my cats,all the years .
Bickering ,yeh .Fights with injuries ? Never. And I've had him over a year . No idea why all of a sudden .
I spoke to the EMRO USA liaison ,and she said it happens.
It happened to one of her girls she said.
Bloody fights .

I wouldn't get rid of him,but he's out of control . I had to put the Kevlar handlers gloves on,break it up ,and I put him in the bathroom to cool off.

I'm very unhappy about it all ,as he is a sweet cat ,for the most part .

Dec 01 2012 01:14 PM
Sounds upsetting.  Is there anything really you can do besides just ride it out or get rid of him?
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Simbi Laveau
Dec 02 2012 08:25 AM
Well ,he may have something bothering him .But nothing is obvious . He may just be acting out,and it will pass. No idea. It's odd to occur so long after I got him . The new kitten could be bugging him though .
Cats know if another cat is intact .
Cthulhu is a baby,but he's still all boy. Some male cats find this very threatening,so he's acting out . It did start since we got Cthulhu .
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