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Blue Velvet Cupcakes,and Dream Princess Cake

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 18 November 2012 · 1,049 views

So tonight I met my dear friend Lisa,for dinner. We haven't seen one another since before Sandy .
We went to a Vietnamese place on orchard st ,that got rave reviews,but was terrible. No idea who writes these reviews ,but its not anyone who's ever had really excellent Vietnamese food.

The wait staff were rude ,and obviously felt we weren't hip...


Rockaway Beach

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 11 November 2012 · 473 views

I went out to Rockaway today,and ,I am left with such a feeling of sadness and despair,that I am overwhelmed.
I cannot even  post it all now,as I am too drained .
I can say,seeing what is left of a place I spent many a day,playing on the beach ,or handball court ,reduced me to tears .
My friend is holding up ,but much of what is going on,is not making the...


Advice and Opinions Please

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 07 November 2012 · 618 views

A friend of mine ,lives on the Sandy devastated Rockaway,N.Y.C.

She texted me for the first time since the storm,yesterday . I had gotten word she was ok . I had wanted to drive out there,but they won't let you .
So,she told me her basement windows literally blew in ,and water poured in all of them like something out of a movie . The water rose up to...


Im a bit slow on the uptake

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 07 November 2012 · 431 views

Duh ....
I had a realization tonight,that I cannot believe never occurred to me before.
I have stated here,many times ,I've had so many odd paranormal occurances in my home,et al,that they don't even phase me .
Not long after my mom died,they picked up ,and then stopped . I noticed it was when I had adopted more cats,but what I failed to connect,is...



Posted by Simbi Laveau , 05 November 2012 · 487 views

It shocks me no one in the media caught this,but here it is ...
Mitt Romney is really .....

MAX HEADROOM ! Yes its true ! Sadly ,whoever does Mitts voice overs,is terrible ,and Max comes across as much more intelligent and well spoken .
Believe it...


The Money Shot

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 01 November 2012 · 561 views

Posted Image



Posted by Simbi Laveau , 31 October 2012 · 547 views


Does everyone know his fingerprints aren't on file anywhere in the USA ? That's beyond telling .


Why I am in trouble

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 13 October 2012 · 765 views
So I was decorating the house.I was in and out ,some windows open .
I even strung lights this year. The purple ones are little bats actually.

Posted Image

So I'm doing something outside,and I hear a LOUD ear splitting MEORWRR !
It sounded a bit like my Ophelia ,so I get concerned ,stop...


Life of a refugee muslim from Iraq

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 09 October 2012 · 473 views

A friend of mine ,the one who addressed a congressional hearing in Washington ,(no ,she and I do not coffee clotch ,and discuss soap operas), works with getting people in jeopardy ,out of Iraq ,and some other middle eastern countries.

I've learned many things,because of my friendship with her,that is not apparent to the average outsider.I also learned...


To my friends

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 30 September 2012 · 417 views

If anyone is interested in being friends on Facebook ,or exchanging email ,and I do have a LiveJournal ,please  let me know .  I won't be coming in here as much .


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