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Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 15 March 2012 · 2,989 views
Subway v. McDonalds
This is something I typed up a while back but I always feel the need to get the word out...
So here is my first post...

Subway is way healthier than McDonald’s.
I hear this all the time, especially from Subway employees and I want to kick people in the throat every time I hear it. First, a little about me…In the Air Force my job is Services. Services...


Hello everyone

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 15 March 2012 · 1,143 views

Hello everyone that may consider reading. With my busy schedule I do not have time to socialize much but watching the news, listening to the radio, and going to college I feel the need to get my thoughts out. I first planned on making a private journal but a co-worker suggested making a blog. I agreed because I...

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