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Churches needing to provide birth control

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 15 March 2012 · 204 views

Okay so I am sure most of you have heard about the uproar over Obama’s proposal of all jobs providing birth control, and this includes churches. Seriously I do not understand what the big fuss is about. I do not see how this is a bad thing. I mean would they rather have an unwanted baby out of wedlock? It’s not going to encourage girls to have sex. Are girls really like “man I wasn’t going to have sex but now that I have birth control why not?” Kids are going to do what kids are going to do. I guess I would just prefer to not have more kids come out of that situation. You really want your kids not to have sex? Be better parents. Teach them…or brainwash them, whichever term you prefer. My wife was a virgin before we got together. It had some to do with her religious faith but more to do with respect for herself.

Don’t make life more difficult for others. Just do what churches have done for hundreds of years…just tell them they will go to hell. If you happen to be a priest reading this and find yourself in this situation, here is what to say… “We have to provide you with birth control because the law says so but remember if you have sex you are going to hell.” See how easy that is? Same goes for anything… “The law says gays can get married but they are still going to hell.” If the laws (that are generally intended to help the masses) are really that difficult to deal with, move.

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