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"Hot" water and Whitney Houston's Death

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 05 April 2012 · 1,104 views

So I am watching the news and they are talking about Whitney Houston's death. Some people do not seem convinced by the autopsy results...for whatever reason. One of the issues was that she was in "extemely hot water." They said it was at 93.5 degrees F. And an expert coroner said it was probably 2-3 degrees hotter. A minor issue I must say...but how ignorant are people? Did anyone stop and think for just one second "how hot is bath water?" The average temp of the human body is 98.6 degrees, so I guess "extemely hot?"

I used to deal with hot tubs when I worked at fitness centers, so I know how hot they keep them. You know how hot they are? Inbetween 105-110 degrees. I guess some of you might find a hot tub "extemely hot." I also have a child, so I know how hot bath water should be. Bath water is on average (for adults) around 100 degrees. If you do not believe me, it is real simple to test. When you are taking a bath fill up a cup with water...put a thermometer in it...be amazed when it reads right around 100 degrees.

With that said, there is NOTHING significant about the water Whitney Houston was bathing in, which would have been around 96 degrees. Sorry everyone, find other facts for the conspiracy.

:unsure2:.........Well.... That being said my bath water is probably in 120 degree range. lol.
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Apr 05 2012 08:27 PM

Dharma D, on 05 April 2012 - 03:07 PM, said:

:unsure2:.........Well.... That being said my bath water is probably in 120 degree range. lol.

That is very extemely hot water... :D
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The Coroner's report states, "The decedent is a 48 year old woman found submerged in a bathtub that contained extremely hot water (93.5 degrees F at 9:35 PM per detective). She was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics at 3:55 PM on February 11, 2012."

If approximately 6 hours later, the water was 93.5 degrees, it is reasonable to believe the water was extremely hot when she was found. I wonder if the expert coroner took that into consideration.
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nobody believes anything anymore..

..that's the whole point of it all
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